We know we should exercise. We just know it! But we don’t do it because we feel exercising is hard. It is immensely time-consuming, and our body aches.

For most us, when realities of a comfortable couch, bad weather or packed schedule hits hard, we find it easier to hang on to them.

But there are still reasons why people fall in love with the gym. Good moods, better stamina, and best health, to name a few.

Regular exercise can improve the heart, strengthen muscles and generate a better quality of life. Here is a compilation of 12 best benefits of exercising daily.

12 Reasons that will definitely make you want to start working out today


  1. Exercising elevates our mood. It keeps us happy.

You will feel awesome almost immediately after exercising. Time and again, science has been revealing how physical activities releases feel-good hormones in the body and leave us feeling happy immediately after every session.

It, in fact, has a similar impact compared to when you are high on cocaine. So will be like depression? What even is that? Then again morning walks prepare you for the whole day. Imagine how awesome life would be if our baggage has nothing, but smile.

  1. Exercising makes winning happen. We win at life.

Confused? Well, let us explain. Exercising whether at the gym (find the best gym in Jaipur) or at your home is about setting fitness goals and achieving them. When we are used to becoming winners at an early age, we would want to reinforce the concept of winning at everything else.

So, you might as well start doing seated rows >> recover >> do inverted rows >> recover >> do pull-downs >> recover >> do assisted pull-ups >> recover >> and wrap it up with a pull-up. It will worth every sweat.

  1. Exercising leaves us feeling sexy.

When you work out you don’t just feel better, you look better too. It is actually one of the most popular reasons why most people start working out in the first place. Your figure is a strong motivator of success. When you feel good about yourself, there is practically nothing in this world that can stop you from succeeding. Hit the gym, already!

  1. Exercising keeps us away from cold.

 There are a lot of studies that narrates about the health benefits of exercising. One such is a lower risk of colds. According to a research that was conducted with 1,000 adults for three months, it was found that people that did aerobic exercises (Get the best aerobic training at Fit O’ Clock, best gym and fitness center in Raja Park, Jaipur) five days a week, developed colds compared to their couch-potato peers.

  1. Exercising keeps the eyes healthy

 This one is interesting. Another research finds that people who are always active physically, they are less prone to the risk of cataracts. This time the study was conducted with 50,000 runners and walkers. It was found that was more inclined towards vigorous exercising; they were less likely to develop cataracts.

  1. Exercising reduces the risk of cancer

 You can trim your cancer risks with exercise. According to the National Cancer Institute, being physically active can help you guard against many types of cancer like breast cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, etc.

It has been found that one-third of cancer-related deaths occur due to unhealthy lifestyle and obesity and not genes.

  1. Exercising reduces the risk of diabetes

Regular exercising can help you reduce the risk of gestational diabetes by 30 percent. In the case of pregnant mothers, high blood sugar during pregnancy can expose the unborn baby to developing type II diabetes later on. In other, regular exercising can prevent or delay the need for insulin.

  1. Exercising releases relaxin, the pregnancy hormone

Relaxin is a pregnancy hormone that helps pregnant mothers in loosening up pelvic joints that could be of great help while delivery. It keeps the rest of your joints feeling relaxed. Therefore, it is recommended to perform prenatal yoga workouts to get the flexibility you need for a smoother delivery.

  1. Exercising offers better sleep

Exercising is good for a sound sleep. You tend to fall asleep faster and for longer. Exercising gives your better quality of sleep. Turns out those long hours at the gym, pays off perfectly well at night keeping your mood forever elevated throughout the day.

  1. Exercising reduces the stress level

Move as much as you can to manage your stress level. Exercising is inversely proportional to stress. The more activity your body gets, the less stressed you are.  Exercising released endorphins in the body that makes us feel good all the time. Any form of physical activity for that matter that helps reduce stress. From high-level intensity training to yoga – all are equally good.

  1. On-site exercising is also good for those who work on their feet.

A common misconception is on-site exercises benefits only those with 9 to 5 seating jobs. If you are at a job where you need to spend most of your time on your feet (like cashiers, hair stylists, and nurses), it will benefit you as well. If you do your stretches right, it can prevent sore feet, backaches, and other injuries. Most companies also hire athletic trainers to help their employees develop an exercise routine

  1. Exercising helps you age well

You age like a fine wine when you exercise regularly. Your body will thank you in the long run. The weight-bearing exercises you do today like jumping, running or brisk walking to keep your bones strong will pay off when you get older.

The above reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. There are millions other reasons that you will come across once you start working out. Enroll in a gym or talk to someone who understands exercise. Get started with the right fitness program for you. Even the smallest act of physical activity that you do like taking a short bike ride or walking the dog is counted.

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