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5 facts About Depression You Must share With Your Girlfriend

5 facts About Depression You Must share With Your Girlfriend

We are living in a fast-growing world with a lot of machines and helpful technology to make our lives healthy and peaceful. We have all kinds of supercomputers to take us to the new heavens and robots to serve us in difficult scenarios.  Do you know that human beings are living much more than they could even imagine in past few centuries, thanks to technology and science? But all these gadgets have affected our lives in a negative way as well. Depression is one of those diseases that every third man on this planet suffers in his life. Here we disclose top five facts about depression every man must share with his friends and family. Below are top 5 facts about depression that will blow up your mind.

Serial Killer.

Do you know that almost all serial killers were depressed and mentally ill people? Insecurity, injustice, joblessness and social behaviors play a major role in forming up a scenario that leads to serial killing. It all starts with a fight between parents when kids are at home. They suffer their even more when they are separated. It is called slow poison. Kids feel as if their parents don’t care for them and it is a fact that above 79% of kids whose parents are separated or they are not having happy life suffer from depression. So if you want your children to spend a healthy life and stay away from depression tell your partner to be cool and happy, at least in front of your kids J.

Sweat and salt.

You must be thinking that what is the connection between sweat and salt? Let me tell you that our body has many safeguards against harmful acids and hormones keep us happy. But we have to trigger them with some techniques. One simple term is sweat and salt. It’s not a new term. It has been used by ancient Romans and Greek dietitians many centuries ago.  Our body needs a certain amount of salts to feel as fresh. Our sweat consists of salt and different agents as well. So keeping balance in these two is very important. Daily exercise for half an hour and drinking healthy juices keep us away from depression. So brisk walk an fresh juices can help you lead a depression free life.

Sharing is caring.

Do you know those people who share their happy moments and joys with their family and friends are tend to be less affected by depression? Research shows that those people who are not very expressive and are not sharing their thoughts with others suffer more from depression. Psychiatrists strongly recommend sharing thoughts and being a little social to release tension. A little social means that too much use of social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, intrust t.c can also harm your feeling and lead you to hypertension eventually ending up in a dark way. So if you have good friends to share your love and anger you are miles away from being depressed.

Your pussy can help.

I know a lot of you would be thinking that what kind of help a pussy can provide you to stay away from hypertension;)? I am sure you are positive enough to figure it out that your pet helps you release tension in many ways. The people with pets live happy and active life than those who do not. Your pet not only keeps you active but it also keeps you busy in a scheduled life. Normally people get depressed when they do not have any healthy activity and are lazy. A pussycat can be a partner for your happy life so love more your partner if you have one or contact a pet shop in case you are still alone.

Time decides the Winner.

It is very important to understand the symptoms of depression. It is very important to contact your psychiatrist in time before getting too late to recover. Keep a very close eye  if your partner is

  • Not taking proper sleep
  • Not eating well
  • Quiet for a long time
  • Stays in dark for a long time
  • Gets angry at little events
  • Not sharing his thoughts with you
  • Ignoring you
  • Getting emotional every now and then
  • Not enjoying sexual life as used to be
  • Taking drugs or drinking a lot

All these symptoms lead to depression. So if you want your life to be happy and smart than you must tell your partner all these useful points. Be in contact with a psychiatrist because he is the most important man that holds the torch to show the path towards healthy, wealthy and fruitful life. Thanks for reading our these facts about depression . Stay tuned…


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