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6 Foods You Should Eat to Get a Natural Glowing Look

Highlighters give your skin just the right amount of glow and more!

But what if one wants a naturally glowing skin? There are many remedies for that as well. From applying tomato juice to consuming loads of water, many home remedies claim to give your skin the glow it needs. In fact, the glow on your skin speaks volumes about your internal health. Healthy on the inside, glowing on the outside. That’s the mantra you all should go by and take measures to restore the shine on your skin. Exercising regularly, eating healthy and following a de-stress regime would help you do so.  You can find a lot about a healthy lifestyle on the Internet.

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I would like to share a couple of things I learned about how to have a naturally glowing skin…

Steamy Showers Don’t Help

While the idea of a steamy shower on a cold morning may look tempting, to have a glowing skin, opt for the opposite. According to studies, the steamy baths deprive your skin of the moisture, making it appear dry and dull. Hence, instead of holding a solo concert in the shower, limit it to around ten-twelve minutes and prefer taking a cold shower.

Humidifier Might be the Answer

If you wake up in the middle of the night with a dry throat and an urge to gulp 2-3 glasses of water, the air around you is dry. You need to invest in a humidifier to maintain an acceptable moisture level in the air in your room. This becomes a necessity in winters as many people suffer from dry skin that leads to a dull looking face.

Apart from taking these measures, you should add the following foods in your diet to keep your skin moistened and giving it the glow.

Cooked Tomatoes

This red fruit can do wonders, in case you failed to realize. The Lycopene present in tomatoes aid in improving the collagen strength. In case you were unaware, collagen is the protein that is responsible for giving your skin the youthful look. It is capable of protecting your skin against the damaging UV rays. Apart from this, tomatoes are a rich source of Potassium and Vitamin C. Eating tomatoes is good but applying the tomato juice on your skin for around 20-25 minutes can help as well. However, a point to remember here would be to eat cooked tomatoes as cooking those increases the amount of Lycopene in them.


Salmon contains a high amount of DMAE that is responsible for strengthening your skin cells and the membranes under. This helps to protect your skin against premature aging. DMAE also prevents the formation of Arachidonic Acid that is responsible for wrinkle formation on the skin. Apart from all this, DMAE partners with Vitamin B and together they create a bond that helps ensure that the muscles of the skin function properly. This translates into a toned, firm and glowing skin.


A common perception about carrots (after being the vegetable that rabbits eat) is that they help improve the eyesight. Well, looks like this vegetable has more to it than just helping to strengthen your eyesight. From clearing the acne breakout on your skin to giving your skin a natural glow, these red vegetables are capable of doing a lot for your skin. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene that prevent the skin from overproducing cells. Which means that you do not have to deal with many dead skin layers on your face or elsewhere. Hence, the glowing skin.


Apart from having cancer-fighting and healing properties, turmeric is also a popular skin glow agent. According to studies, this spice helps in lightening the pigmentation on the skin and any scars that may be a result of aging. Adding it to foods (popular in the subcontinent) or applying it on the face (combined with coconut oil) can help give you a glowing skin.


Oysters are a rich source of Zinc that helps to repair the skin cells and give it the glowing look. Apart from skin, Zinc is also very beneficial for your nails and hair.


This red colored vegetable is rich in minerals and vitamins making it a perfect candidate to be consumed for a glowing skin. Whether it be in the form of juice or eaten raw, beetroot gives your skin the instant glow that many crave for. Beetroot is rich in Iron, Copper, Potassium, and Niacin.

You can also apply the beetroot juice tropically to give your skin a fresh look. In fact, if you have any of the above-stated fruits or vegetables at home, give applying their juices a try.

If not, you can always make use of services like Spectrum Phone service to place orders with a nearby grocery store. You will notice a visible change in your skin after you wash your face with lukewarm water. Not only will your skin be soft and firm but it will also have a shine on it. However, for prolonged or permanent results, you will have to follow the routine religiously.

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