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Top 10 Best foods for weight loss List to live better life

Balance diet is the major factor for maintaining weight. For the time being, people gain weight. The reason gaining weight is the use of foods that contain carbohydrates, proteins, fatty and highly rich which extra vitamin. The cholesterol is one of the major causes of excessive fats. Increasing the weight is an easy process but losing it is totally somehow impossible or time-consuming process. Here are Top 10 Best foods for weight loss that are really going help you.

You should limit your daily meals. Eating meal twice a day is sufficient. Every food has its own ingredients and effects on human body. Eating a lot in a day has unique side effects. It hit the hormones, body organs and different other parts of the body. Divide your meal into chunks. Like in breakfast, eat light things. Yogurt is one of the Best foods for weight loss. Fruits provide energy and increase the metabolic activity of the body. It also enhances the blood volume.

Below is the list of easily available foods that are best foods for weight loss and can help in reducing weight. These foods can be found all over the world easily.

Best foods for weight loss
Best foods for weight loss
  1. Cauliflower

In diabetic patients Hormones that are responsible for making insulin stop working. So that is why artificial insulin is required. Just like salt, it affects the calcium level in our bones. Vitamin C can be found in cauliflower in excessive quantity. Cauliflower acts as a combat to protect the body against the cancer cells. It stops it inflammation and growth.

There is a proper way to cook cauliflower for losing the weight. Vitamin C is destroyed if cauliflower if overcooked. When vitamin C is destroyed, then the vegetable is of no use. It strengthens the immune system thus reducing weight and fats level.

  1. Normal yogurt and Greek yogurt

There are numerous characteristics and more affordable ways to reduce weight. It is necessary to stop yourself from eating spicy food and refrain from taking sugar.  Vegetables are good for health rather than spicy foods. Greek yogurt is highly enriched with Vitamin D. It contains healthy bacteria that form antibodies against weight and reduce fatty acids in the body. It has proteins and these proteins protect the body from gaining weight. Greek plain yogurt carries more protein than normal yogurt so add this to your healthy diet foods list. It stretches the muscles or cells of belly to be flat.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a grain food and major item can be used in a different form. Oats are made by grinding whole grains in different parts. Wheat carries fewer calories than other things. It includes popcorns, millet, and brown rice.  Many people have their own diet plans to reduce weight. So, when you are planning for weight loss use these three meals in the first week and cut it down to half in next.

Oatmeal has dietary fibers, proteins and 25 percent of calories, 6 percent of iron and, 8 percent of calcium. Per day during a diet, you can only take 6.5 grams of proteins. Oatmeal is made up of the combination of proteins and fibers. People now start making low calories snakes bars. It carries only 7 grams of calories. Oatmeals now add them to the pancakes.


  1. Different kind of Soups

Nothing is superior to eating nourishment with low calories and less fat. The soup conveys low fats and protein that keep the human stomach to be fat. Numerous ways control your weight by utilizing soup. Take soup 30 minutes before beginning your dinner. It will make your body impervious to process sustenance with more calories. Alongside soup, take vegetables, less protein containing things. Soap is also one of the best foods for weight loss.

To lose one pound or two pounds for every week utilize soup which devours vitality. It is critical to quit utilizing sugar, protein shakes, higher calories things, which makes your gut obstinate. Soup conveys eggs. Eggs are more advantageous for the human body. You can put vegetables and chicken to include enhance. Include dark paper with various sauces to make it more heavenly.

  1. Fish

The fish are full of Omega 3 and proteins. River fish contains more quantity of Omega 3 and proteins then farmed fish. This because, In farmed fishes, people use artificial things for their rapid growth. Fish are very much important for biological as well as mental health. People suffering from depressions, psychiatry disease, or other mental disorders are highly advised to use fish in their meals.

Fish reduces many problems like blood pressure cholesterol and many other biological problems. Omega 3 in fish burns out the fatty acids inside the human body. Have you seen ever a fish climbing the worst waterfalls? This is trout fish. It can be found in cold waters. It is the most important kind in fishes. It will be helpful for weight loss to prevent the body cells from attacking of different medical disease attacks.

  1. Bulgur

Bulgur conveys glycolic supplements. This supplement adjusts the level of cholesterol in the body. It is likewise called part entire grain. It is utilized as a part of various oat grain suppers. It conveys supplements like magnesium, iron, and potassium.

Potassium inside the bulgur is advantageous for cerebrum cells. It keeps the mind cells solid and dynamic. Different fixings like zinc, which is valuable in resistance boosting, mind working, cell division, and protein blend in the human body. It additionally conveys dietary filaments to remunerate the person who is on abstain from food. An entire grain fixing causes the human body to secure the body against diabetes and corpulence. It likewise shields the body from radical harm.

  1. Leaf and Vegetable Salad

The serving of mixed greens is truly outstanding and best parts in getting in body shape. it offers vegetables, organic products, and vitamins. It adds fuel to the body and makes your feast flavorful. For weight, unfortunately, individuals switch their eating routine arrangement to the salad.

Leaf and Vegetable Salad contains calories that satisfy the necessity of the real needs. Utilize crisp salad or organic products since it gives water and dietary components. These components are basic to keeping up weight. You can include distinctive fixings like organic products, apple, pear, beans potato, cucumber, tomatoes and they provide low calories can add to your salad. Fixings like cheddar, oil, margarine, cream, and coconuts can’t add to the serving of mixed greens. On the off chance that you add these fixings to your plate of mixed greens it conveys a larger number of calories than a burger contain.


In the cutting edge world, individuals are especially aware of their wellbeing and body shape. Diverse key designs are following to decrease weight. Exercise and counseling a specialist is a standout amongst other thoughts regarding getting more fit. Yoga, work out, the gym will help a person to get thinner. On another side with these strategies utilizes regular beverages that lift your body amid preparing or work out. The utilization of carrot juice will refine your blood and quick the bloodstream to your body.

Yoga, contemplation, voyaging, walk, taking green tea will help you to lose your weight in constrained time. The most imperative thing remember that the frequently take after your eating regimen design, exercise and daily work routine to lose weight effortlessly.

  1. Dry Fruits Peanuts Best foods for weight loss.

Peanuts carry fewer calories and are the best dry fruits. It is very effective for weight loss. The nourishment proposes that individuals who eat a peanut in their regular diets produce or activate hormones for weight loss, expressed by American journal. Peanuts have the ability to control obesity. In weight, loss or dieting people usually get hydrates and starving. Peanuts keep them energetic by providing a limited amount of energy. Butter including peanut is another form to take peanut every day. People usually in breakfast with brown bread take peanut better. It gives you energy during starving or occurring healthy activities.

  1. Apples

Continuous use of apples can reduce the size of a belly. Belly seems quite ugly to a human. People especially Girls are very conscious about their body shape and figure. Apply relatively carries the higher quantity of water than other fruits. Their skin contains much amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. These essential foods are quite helpful to reduce blood sugar level, it also compensates the hunger. People in breakfast eat an apple.

Apples are full of fiber and low calories. Mostly low calories food contains 85 percent of water and Apple has this. So, biologically apples benefit the human body as they protect the body against lungs and stomach issues, cancer etc. It reduces the chances of cholesterol and weight issues. By eating sugar directly raises the level of sugar in the human blood and apples to control these to maintain their lower rates.

  1. Eggs

A health expert research published in an American Journal reveals that taking two eggs daily in breakfast improve your health. The eggs are full of proteins that are healthy. By adding to this reality specialists and specialists say that two eggs in your daily eating routine are best foods for weight loss will give you 400 calories of vitality in a day. If you take the egg with brown bread will satisfy your body desires and energy required. Other important benefits are it cut the extra fats in the human body. It increases your appetite.

An egg decreases the crabs and lower carbohydrates.  Eggs will help you to reduce weight and maintain body shape. In food, items limit or restrict you to the low quantity of oil, salt, and sugar. Principle motivation to stay away from an unreasonable utilization of things is to limit the joint issue, bone issues and diabetes in human. Diabetes is the mainstream or evergreen topic of every century.


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