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Breast Implant Sizing 101: Can You Get a More Natural Look? breast augmentation

Everything you choose has a size. For example, a pant size, a shoe size, and yes, a breast size. Probably, you can consider sneaking your way into something off size, especially if you want to, (as those green suede boots that you have been admiring); things often look out of place if they do match. You may also read how to increase breast size naturally. In below few lines, we will explain the phenomena of breast implant sizing and breast augmentation.

The same goes for the Atlanta breast augmentation. If you end up going too far in one direction, you won’t get the “almost natural look” that you desire. From the materials to the sizing, to all the things you should ask your board-certified surgeon, this guide should help you on how to achieve natural look breasts.

Real or Fake

When you consider going through breast augmentation, it is a natural feeling to feel somewhat nervous about the results. Probably, you want some more “oomph” in terms of the implant size, but your top concern may be whether the surgery will make your breasts appear too large. Alternatively, a concern you may have is that the implants are not big enough.

breast augmentation a very simple way to give a beautiful look to your body
breast augmentation a very simple way to give a beautiful look to your body

Another concern that most women have is whether their breast augmentation results will appear fake or artificial. Probably, it may be obvious and you may have seen this before, some breasts appear too round, some too far apart, some too large and some too small. However, if you plan it well with your surgeon, it is possible that you achieve a much natural look with your breast augmentation procedure.

Note that there three major factors help to determine whether your breasts will appear natural or not, the implant size, the implant position, and the implant material.

Choosing the Right Size of the Implants

A big mistake that most women who walk into Crispin Plastic Surgery for a breast augmentation procedure is being off size, meaning going much bigger. Another common mistake is failing to have tailored implants, meaning getting the pocket of the implant to sit right. Regardless of how things happen, you can get exactly what you expect.

However, the American Board of Plastic Surgeons suggests that anyone can place an implant in the breast, but it only takes a well-experienced plastic surgeon with a better understanding of the procedure to know how he or she can hit a home run.

The implant size plays a major role, especially when it comes to achieving a more natural look. Even though so many women consider their cup size when it comes to the breast size, the truth is that implants do not come in bra sizes.  You cannot go to your surgeon and request a breast implant of 34D size.

Rather, implant sizes come in CC’s or Cubic Centimeters, which measure complete volumes of the breast implants. This volume not only helps to determine the final size of your bra post-operation but determines whether the implant should work in the right proportion with the rest of your body or not. Consider this example, if you are tall, with broad shoulders, you will need a larger sized implant to get a natural look.

When it comes to choosing the breast implant size, you should know you will face many trials and errors, however, some tools can help you and your surgeons to choose an appropriate size. Sometimes, computer imaging can also give you an idea of what the results will look like, using different sizes of implants.

What Happens If the Implant is too large?

In case the implant is too large for your figure, it will likely spill out between the spaces in your breasts into the underarm area. Know that neither results will create a natural look, especially if the implant is too full, your breasts will end up looking projected far out from your chest.

It Is Your Body, but You Should Trust Your Surgeon for breast augmentation

One of the first wrong considerations is letting the patient choose the size of implant size they want; rather you should receive guidance from a professional. Similar to most women choosing a wrong bra size, many women also choose a wrong breast sized implant.

Your initial consultation with your breast augmentation surgeon should be about the right fit, where your surgeon will assess the width, elasticity, amount of tissue in the breast and quality of the tissue to figure out the precise size and shape that should work best for you. At the end of your consultation, you will understand exactly why you need to have a specific type of size. This also depends on your frame and height, and it could be quite different compared to what you were thinking.

The Implant Material

When it comes to the implant materials, there are two main categories, including saline and silicone. Through generations, silicone implants have undergone upgrades and at this point, different kinds that surgeons use are available.

The first silicone implant option is the regular standard gel, which is moveable and mushy. It feels a lot like the natural breast tissue. Another option is the cohesive gel, which appears like a gummy bear. This option is also compressible and soft, but they do not flow like gel. They appear good, and they are much more firmly when compared to gel, feeling different. Cohesive gel implants hold up their shape and they come in teardrop shapes, rather than round. This helps to give a natural look.

Saline implants, however, contain a salt-water solution, but offers a rounder look and depends on your preference.

They Both Offer the Natural Feel and Look

Quintessentially this brings us back to the final point feel vs. look. What may appear natural and what may feel natural are two different things actually. In an ideal situation, you would want a little of these two. However, for the most natural look, the best bet is to opt for silicone gel implants. For patients who have a good amount of natural breast tissue, using these implants helps to pull off a better and more natural look compared to saline breast implants, but these are prone to rippling, a factor that is a complete giveaway.

For the best results, ensure that you choose board certified plastic surgeons!

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