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Choosing the Right Podiatrist for Your Feet and Ankle Care is Vital

Foot pains and ankle related medical issues are now a very common case among the elderly as well as younger people. Foot care is also an important need among those who are suffering from conditions like diabetes. However, many people fail pathetically in terms of seeking for appropriate podiatry care and also in choosing podiatrists. A random study by the podiatry association revealed the fact that almost 68% of the adult population in the US are suffering from one or another foot and ankle related to a medical complication, but don’t know what to look for in terms of podiatry care.


So, it is important that you should be aware of the various aspect of podiatry care with respect to foot and ankle ailments. There is more than 300 type of foot-related medical issues to be treated, so it is important to approach a podiatrist in case of any symptoms to make a proper diagnosis of the condition and choose appropriate treatment modality.


There are many clinics and professional podiatrists out there, but all of them may not be equal. This makes it a bit difficult for patients to choose the right service provider. Don’t simply choose a random podiatrist just because the service is near to your location. In this article, we will discuss some key aspects to consider while looking for a reliable podiatry service.


Choosing the right podiatrist


A podiatrist is a medical specialist who is indulged in the foot and ankle care. They studied the medical branch focusing on the foot and ankle related ailments and treatment procedures. If someone is suffering from any foot-related issues, then they may be primarily referred to a podiatrist who can make the diagnosis and decide further course of action. If you are suffering from a foot-related issue and looking for a quick podiatry service to consult, here are some tips to consider.


Know podiatry is the specialty you need


In fact, podiatry is a broader field of healthcare, and different podiatrists may be specializing in different areas. So, it important for you to know whether it is podiatry itself or what kind of podiatry specialty you may search for.


There are many medical conditions which can have an impact on your foot. Say, for example, it is noted that chronic fibromyalgia or diabetes will end up in foot pain and wounds, etc. If you are suffering from any such health conditions related to foot health, then you need to share it with the podiatrist and handle the treatment in association with other specialty practitioners. For this, makes sure that you settle the most appropriate foot doctor who can address specific podiatric complications you suffer.


While considering podiatrists, know that there is general Rochester podiatrist who specializes in primary foot care needs and ankle related issues. There are specialized pediatric podiatrists who can handle the foot related ailments in children and adolescents. Another specialty is sports podiatry in which the providers handle sport and athletic-related injuries, sprain, etc. in fact; there are even bio-mechanical podiatrists specializing in the foot kinetics as to which direction the foot may move.


Where to search?


Your family doctor or the primary care provider may be able to refer you to or suggest you the best podiatrist they know. You may also check it with a pharmacist or others in your circle to see if they can suggest a good podiatrist. All medical professionals may belong to a larger network of healthcare practitioners, and they may have close contact among them, which makes referrals and recommendations possible. Apart from health practitioners, you may also check it out with your friends and family if they have any reference to making based on their previous podiatry care experience if any.


Another great option is to search online where all the practices are listed. It is not possible to view the feedback and reviews about various providers to put by the service takers. You can see the ratings and credentials of various podiatry doctors too online to make a comparison of their educational qualifications, years of experience, and the feedback of their patients.


Check the background of the provider.


Before enrolling into a clinic, one should first check the background of the provider. Get to know their qualification, certification, and specialization to match it to your requirements. Ensure that the practitioner has a proper license and also covers your insurance to deliver the appropriate services. Seek answers for the below questions


  • Whether the provider is licensed to practice in the state?
  • Do they possess enough experience to offer the treatment you want?
  • Whether they have a significant success rate in handling similar cases?
  • Do they have advanced facilities and equipment in case of a surgery needed?


One also may need to find out what procedures and techniques podiatrists use to adopt while treating their patients. A good podiatrist may have apparent skills in applying various treatment methods with the help of state-of-the-art equipment to handle various foot conditions.


Cost and convenience


There may be situations where even the top podiatrists with a huge amount of experience and skills may not be the ideal choice for you. This could be due to how easily you can get access to the right kind of treatment. Say, for example, you need to consider whether the foot doctor is available in sync with your daily schedule. Another consideration is whether the practice accepts your health insurance or not.


Usually, podiatry care without insurance may be costly, so cost is one major consideration to make in choosing an appropriate provider. In case of you are non-ambulatory or movement-restricted, then also check out whether you can convey easily to the podiatrist office if multiple visits are required. In some cases, there could be a possibility of a minor surgery too to correct the podiatry problem, so you have to ensure the podiatrist has experience in surgical procedures and the clinic has all surgical infrastructure to conduct it.


Considering all these facts, it is so important that you identify a podiatrist whom you are most comfortable with. The foot is the most sensitive part of your body, and any troubles to it should be handled by only the best and most experienced podiatrist at service.


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