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Chiropractic Therapy: Best Way to Deal With Chronic Neck Pain

Does physical pain always mean endless days of taking painkillers? Does a person have to live his or her life with chronic neck pain forever? Is there a non-invasive way of treating the discomfort? Is there a cure to the pain and suffering most adults go through in their lifetime?

These are a few questions people who suffer from chronic neck pain ask now and then. They cannot help but wonder if they will ever be free from it. Although many people do not think of neck pain as a chronic problem, it can be debilitating. It can interfere with concentration, daily productivity, a person’s ability to sit for long hours or work on a computer.

Why should you pay more attention to your neck pain?

Apart from being a severe interference, neck pains can be a symptom of severe physiological problems including –

  • Whiplash
  • Facet joint sprain
  • Cervical sprain injuries
  • Degenerative joint syndrome
  • Cervical intervertebral disc injuries

These are diagnoses any orthopedic surgeon can provide. However, most conventional doctors cannot treat these conditions without painkillers and/or invasive procedures. These invasive surgeries often give rise to additional problems. Smart people do not opt for surgical intervention and long-term treatment using painkillers. Instead, they choose chiropractic therapy that treats the root of the issues they are facing.

How does a chiropractor diagnose your problem?

A chiropractor can diagnose these problems as well, by evaluating the condition of your spine as a whole. The professionals are aware that treating the neck in an isolated manner may not uproot the problem. The neck is a part of the vertebral column. Problems in the upper regions of the vertebral column may impact the mid-back and lower-back as well.

A chiropractor is likely to evaluate a person’s current nutritional requirements, lifestyle and stress management. He or she is also likely to advise the patient on the necessary changes that he or she should bring about to improve their health.

Just like a doctor, the chiropractor also does thorough examinations to find the cause of the neck pain. Finding the reason can help the professional decide which approach will work best for a patient. No two human bodies are identical, and chiropractors understand the differences by taking a hands-on approach to diagnose and treat the pains. He or she diagnoses the areas of restricted movement to find out how it affects your daily life, posture, and mobility.

It will give the chiropractor a clear understanding of the mechanics of your body. Check out Demaine Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment to understand the diagnostic procedures a chiropractor uses.

After completing the physical examination, he or she will require your extensive medical history. A chiropractor may order imaging tests like X-rays and MRIs to find out the exact nature of the injury or cause of the pain. Sometimes, it is difficult to diagnose complex conditions through physical examinations only. Looking at the results will give your chiropractor enough information he or she needs to treat you objectively. Most importantly, he or she can devise a personalized treatment plan after gathering enough information from the test results.

What are some of the techniques modern chiropractors use?

There are several manipulation techniques a chiropractor usually uses to treat neck pain in adults. However, if the problem turns out to be complicated or neurological, or something that requires surgical intervention, a professionally trained chiropractor is likely to refer the patient to an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist in North Carolina. Here are some of the most popular spinal manipulation techniques that chiropractors use to treat their patients –

  1. Instrument-assisted manipulation – In this process, the professional uses at least one hand-held tool to apply the force necessary for improving pain and dissipating stress without causing any thrusting into the spine.
  2. Flexion-distraction technique – it is a hands-on spinal manipulation that can create a pumping force on the vertebral discs without applying direct force.
  • Specific spinal manipulation – A chiropractor uses this technique to restore joint mobility with the help of a thrusting technique.
  1. Manual joint stretching and resistance techniques – these are manual therapies that can help reduce the pain and stress.
  2. Trigger joint therapy – this therapy is ideal for relieving painful and tight points on a muscle.
  3. Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy – this method uses specially designed instruments to find sore spots on the muscle (soft tissue) and treat them.
  • Inferential electric simulation – it uses low-frequency electrical current to stimulate the muscles in and around the neck.
  • Ultrasound – all forms of ultrasound therapies use sound waves to relieve the stiffness and soreness in the neck.

Most chiropractors also recommend therapeutic exercises that can help reduce the pain and increase the mobility of the joints gradually. Coupling the treatments, we have mentioned above with regular therapeutic activities often yield better results than opting for either one of them. These exercises are necessary for keeping the pain from progressing.

An experienced chiropractor will offer personalized treatments only

The treatments we have mentioned in the section above are merely examples of the therapies modern chiropractors in Charlotte use to treat their patients. If you are suffering from neck pain, your chiropractor should run thorough diagnostic tests, complete physical examination and discuss your lifestyle with you before formulating a treatment plan. That is the specialty of any chiropractic therapy – each individual receives a personalized treatment plan based on their physical health, diet, exercise needs and lifestyle choices.

If you have a nagging pain in your neck that has stuck around for weeks, you should consider getting expert help. While it can be muscle tension or stress pain, it can also signal the beginning of physiological problems in adults. Do not ignore your body’s needs.

Visit a registered and renowned chiropractor immediately for professional medical care. If you do not want to depend on harmful painkillers, chiropractic is your best bet to address all kinds of neck and back pains. Check the reputation of the chiropractor in Charlotte before booking an appointment with him or her.

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