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Detox Tea Utility for You


Detox Tea Utility for You

A “detox tea” consists of introducing tea into its daily diet to refine and eliminate toxins that pollute the body. Tea also has effects on the beauty of the skin: very rich in antioxidants, it makes war against free radicals, responsible for cellular aging.

How to choose your detox tea?

Before starting the confection, then the tasting, it is necessary to choose the right tea:

  • The black tea is a good choice because it is a powerful diuretic, but it is not as rich as some other teas in antioxidants.
  • The green tea and oolong tea are also excellent thanks to their concentration of polyphenols. It can be found in all shops (or almost) and herbalist.

The rules to follow to succeed your detox tea

A few simple rules are to follow when one embarks on a detox tea cure to optimize its results:

Do not abuse tea, especially if you are very sensitive to caffeine. The right dose of tea for a “detox tea” is between 500 ml and 1 liter maximum. Beyond that, you may be more nervous, sleep poorly and develop iron deficiency.

Drink tea throughout the day, but outside of meals. It is also very important to drink only water. The best times to drink tea are at sunrise and sunset.

Accompany your cure with a proper and balanced diet. It is essential to continue to consume enough fruits, vegetables, starchy foods, and lean protein sources.

Limit the intake of fat and sugar. The detox tea cure will give even more results if the fat and sweet products are consumed in very small quantities.

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The composition, drunk in the morning, should:

  • speed up metabolism;
  • reduce appetite to prevent excessive snacking;
  • provide a morning charge of energy.

The composition to be drunk before bedtime, according to the manufacturers:

  • enhances the night elimination of toxins from the body;
  • accelerates cell cleansing;
  • facilitates sleep and ensures optimal sleep.

The fourteen-day program, according to manufacturers, guarantees complete detoxification and boosting of metabolism for burning fat.

Tea for body cleansing and weight loss is not a novelty on the market. In the pharmacy and in some grocery stores you can buy them for many years. However, drinks have never advertised so hard. Theatox has become extremely popular, not least due to celebrities and stars of Instagram, who take pictures of their ideal sports figures in the company of teas.For more information about best detox tea, go to the solidlandingsbehavioralhealth.comproduct page.

Teatox use

On the website of one of the manufacturers of detox tea you can read that teatox helps:

  • to burn calories;
  • lose weight;
  • speed up the metabolism;
  • purify the body of toxins and slags;
  • reduce appetite;
  • increase energy levels.

Another manufacturer stresses that his product is cleansing, but drinking the drink alone does not guarantee the effect of losing weight. However, all this does not change the fact that most people who resort to the program detox tea, choose it for the purpose of losing weight. As far as they succeed – let’s talk a little later.

Tea for cleansing the body: components

Teatox consists only of components of natural origin, does not contain preservatives, dyes and sweeteners. The main composition of tea detox is somewhat different depending on the manufacturer. However, in the majority of them the same plant components appear, only the proportions change. For example, one of the additives available in our market includes:

  • detox tea per day: mate, oolong, guarana, ginseng, ginger, dandelion, nettle, rose petals.
  • drink at night: mint, lemon grass, burdock, lemon balm, birch leaves, licorice, hibiscus, fennel, oats, blackberry leaves and raspberries.

In its composition, we will not find the leaves of senna – a sturdy laxative, which, of course, is an advantage.

Daily mixtures, as a rule, contain stimulating components (for example, yerba mate, guaranu, ginseng) and warming (for example, ginger). And drunk at night – soothing ingredients (lemon balm, lemon grass, etc.), stimulating the gastrointestinal tract (mint, burdock, fennel) and diuretics (in particular, hibiscus, birch leaves).

In particular, one should beware of senna leaves – a natural strong laxative that is used, for example, to clean the intestines before surgeries and other interventions. No need to use it for more than two weeks, because it leads to the disappearance of the natural peristaltic movements of the intestine and chronic problems with this organ. Senna is also responsible for diarrhea and abdominal pain appearing during the “Titox”.

Tea Detox Meal Plan

To achieve optimal results, body cleansing courses with teas must be combined with a specific diet. Some manufacturers speak only about healthy nutrition; others offer a special plan, which is designed to enhance the detoxification effect of their product. Teatox does not replace changes in food or physical activity. Manufacturers clearly say that to lose weight you need to limit the number of calories. Thus, there is a certain contradiction between the basic premise of some manufacturers – the noticeable slimming effect of detox tea – and the recommendations written in small print.

Is detox tea really effective for weight loss? Theory and reviews

There is no scientific evidence to confirm this teatox action. But while characterizing the detox tea reviews claim that their use gives a better mood, tone, a higher level of energy during the day and a feeling of lightness. According to the responses, using a low-calorie meal plan in combination with this kind of drinks can really lose weight. But this is more about the calorie restriction, than the weight loss of herbs. Plants can contribute to the process of losing excess weight (which, in principle, is also very good), but they are not capable of replacing a healthy diet and physical activity. Therefore, going to a pharmacy or online store for the cherished boxes of tea to cleanse the body and lose weight, you should not have unnecessary illusions.

However, detox tea itself can also reduce body weight, especially if senna leaves and other laxatives are included in teas. However, in this case, weight loss is associated with dehydration as a result of taking a large amount of diuretic herbs and active cleansing of the intestines from the accumulated remnants of food. Acceleration of metabolism as a result of the thermogenic activity of some herbs is too small to lead to loss of adipose tissue without exercise support.


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