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Explore Effective Ways for Women to Tackle Urinary Incontinence & Lead an Active Life

Urinary incontinence is referred to a condition where there is accidental urine loss. As per the statistics provided by the National Association for Continence, more than 25 million American adults are known to suffer from chronic or temporary urinary incontinence. Urinary Incontinence or UI could affect you at any age, however, it is definitely more prevalent among women who are 50 plus.

This condition is often triggered by certain changes in your body functioning resulting from the use of specific medications, diseases, and even onset of some illnesses. Often UI is supposed to be the only or the first symptom associated with urinary tract infections and menopausal condition.

Often women feel very depressed and demoralized and wonder if life has come to an abrupt stop. However, you must never allow this condition to restrict your usual activities or put your normal life on hold in any way. You simply need to understand your condition well and make a few lifestyle modifications to lead a normal and fulfilling life despite incontinence.

In this context, you must understand that the female urogenital tract actually comprises the vital organs involved in the release or formation of urine and reproduction. It consists of the ureters, kidney, urethra, bladder, uterus, ovaries, vagina, and the fallopian tubes. You must know that there are a host of issues related to the ‘female urogenital system like pelvic infection, vaginal infection, UTI or the urinary tract infection, PID or the pelvic inflammatory disease and also, the infections that occur after gynecological surgery. Here are some tips or suggestions from qualified and experienced physicians for tackling your incontinence issue successfully and living life to the fullest.

Incorporate Pelvic Floor Exercises into Your Workout Regimen

Pelvic floor exercises or Kegels are workouts that concentrate on fortifying your pelvic floor muscles that are instrumental in helping you stop urinating. These muscles need to be strengthened so that they are strong enough to prevent leaks and effectively eliminate the urgency to empty the overactive bladder.

Keep a Vigil on Your Liquid Intake

You need to be conscious of what you are drinking and if you are consuming the right amount. It is a myth that if you drink less you could avoid urinary leaks and any other symptoms associated with urinary incontinence. Instead, focus on consuming the right amount of liquids.

Use the Toilet Only When Required

Use the toilet in the morning when you get up from sleep. You may fortify your pelvic muscles by minimizing the total number of trips to the toilet during the day. You may start by holding the urge to urinate for twenty minutes and gradually increasing the intervals to almost two hours up to three hours between visits to the toilet.

Stick to a Healthy Weight & Avoid Obesity

If you are overweight then it would cause more pressure on your bladder and this could make you feel the urge to urinate on a more urgent basis. You could help in improving the condition by losing some weight. Moreover, maintaining a perfect weight and avoiding obesity is the secret to a healthy and fit existence.


You simply cannot lead a normal and active life if you constantly worry about odors and leaks. You must use the right protection measures to combat bladder weaknesses and lead a carefree and happy life. Follow the directives given by your doctor.

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