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Top 10 Foods that Cause Acne Emmy Followed These All

An acne is a pimple on facial skin in shape of blackheads, puss blub, white head, lesion, and cysts. It is a painful condition of skin for every young teenager and can cause many health and mental problems. Embarrassment is the worst of its kind in such situation at weekends in parties when all friends mock with you when they see your face with full of blackheads. What we have figured out about it may be helpful for you to get rid of acne. We have collected some data about foods that cause acne on the skin. It is our third important article about skin care tips.

A lot of researchers have been made to figure out the main cause of acne but results are unclear. Our experts studied that particular case thoroughly and prepared a list of foods that are responsible for it. Trying mentioned tips, you will make your skin soft and healthy. What you have to do is avoiding one of these foods from the daily meals and analyze the condition of the skin. It is a list of very common foods that you take almost daily in meals. Each person immune system acts in different ways to foods they take.

Let’s jump in the list of foods that cause acne in your body. When you or your loved one experience acne breakouts on their face, back, over the shoulders, or on any other part of body, then try eliminating one of these foods that are Chocolate, spicy foods such as biryani, dairy products such as cheese, Milk, nuts, peanuts, burger, fast foods etc. These may lead to child obesity also. Below is there descriptive analysis.

foods that cause acne recommended by Emmy
foods that cause acne recommended by Emmy

1.Spicy Foods that cause Acne

Many dermatologists reveal that spicy foods such as biryani, or foods that have plenty number of red chilies are the foods that cause acne. A study published in Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal In 2006 many people blame spices are the reason for acne and blackheads. It is still unclear what, are spices are actually responsible? The answer is still inconclusive. It depends on the response of a human immune system to spicy foods. Avoiding spices in your daily meals may be effective for your skin care.

. In fact, most doctors and dermatologists state that its’ more common for factors like cosmetics, fluctuating hormones (i.e., during PR menstruation) and family history of acne to lead to frequent breakouts and severe cases of acne.


Eating chocolates are often causing an acne breakout. We are proud to quote a research of Dr. Shamban, a dermatologist at Los Angeles California. He described in his studies that chocolates are not directly involved in the acne breakout. But there are few chances that chocolates of specific fatty foods may result in acne breakout on the skin. Moreover, he also stated that foods with high fats and sugar are the reason to increase the levels of sebum in the body that promotes inflammatory effects in body_ Leading to an acne breakout.

Finally, the evidence is clear that sugar and fats in foods may cause acne. There might be a possibility that people who eat sugary and fatty diet have more acne breakouts then those who do not. People who eat fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables rarely have acne on their body.

3. Cheese

Some researchers correlate the cheese to acne on the skin. High sugar levels all the day produce certain hormones. A sugary diet enriched your blood with these hormones resulting in acne and blackheads Ref from a Clear Skin Diet. These hormones circulate through our bloodstream.

A study published in late 2007 by American Academy of Dermatology supports this theory of acne relation with dairy items. In this study, forty-three youngsters were evaluated for three months. The Astonishing results were collected with the positivity of acne with the maximum percentage. Their blood sugar was measured on regular basis and asked to eat sugary foods.

4. Nuts

Moreover, nuts are one of these foods that cause acne. It is an experienced based hypothesis that eating nuts may lead to acne breakout. A handful research is made that build a strong link of nuts with acne breakout. The person with acne should avoid eating nuts and is advised to analysis her health.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association publication eastings are not directly the cause of acne breakouts. But the foods that cause acne are high-glycemic diets. However, all dermatologist are agreed on a single point that eating low-glycemic diets promotes natural good healthy skin.

5. Peanut Butter

As, peanut butter is a good healthy diet food, but many people blame it for the cause of acne breakout. There may be a chance that peanut butter is the cause of your such worst conditions. We are blaming peanut butter for blackhead pimples on a face on the base of vote poll. Eliminating it from your daily meal will show the positive result. Past research revealed that there is no direct connection between certain foods and acne. If there are some results they are not constant enough to satisfy. Certain foods like cheese or butter may enhance the acne problem but this not, yet certain.

A group of few final year students at Melbourne University made a research on acne breakouts. They interviewed the young boys and girls in the university and collected some astonishing results. According to their research at least forty-one percent directly blame the foods we take. The cause was unhealthy foods and hormonal imbalance in blood.

6. Sushi

In above line, you have read that high glycemic diets are responsible to increase in the frequency of acne and pimple on the skin. So, as science study establish a strong connection of acne with high glycemic diets are the source you should cut it out on immediate effect to avoid acne and for glowing face and body. Rice is a favorite dish for your lunch and dinner. But, many of you do not know that eating rice lead to acne on the face. Rice especially white rice came under high glycemic diet index. For example, a half cup of cooked white rice has 17points of glycemic index rate and 20 points are the limit of a high glycemic index. So, a conclusion is very straight. This review was published in a journal Comparative biochemistry and physiology.


All of you will think that how milk can be a food that causes acne on the skin. Your suspect is right. As, milk is a healthy, glowing and tastes full foods and how it could be? It is not the point. Actually, Milk is used in the variety of dairy products such as cheese. As describe earlier cheese is the food that causes acne. Milk is the basic ingredient of cheese. So, in short analysis milk can lead to acne on the skin. Afterward, milk sometimes gives you relief from acne if properly used. A mixture of lemon and milk is the best home remedy for acne.

8. Pizza

Since pizza is emerging food for people of every age especially youngsters. Fast foods are widely blamed to be foods that cause acne. Meanwhile, if, somebody as we are saying that pizza can cause acne on skin, no one of you will believe. But, we have a study proof of it. Dr. Emmy Graber is a dermatologist at Boston Medical center. He researched a lot on this topic and find the conclusive facts. He wrote in his research that high glycemic diets such as pizza, white rice, slices of bread, and oily foods are the basic foods that cause acne. She also made a relation between stress, depression, and acne. Acne caused by stress and depression are different in nature.

9. French Fries

French fries are cooked deep fried. Basically, it is cooked in oil. Oil should be consumed in minimal amounts. Anything that is consumed more than its required serving can have negative effects. One of them is the production of too much oil on your glands causing it to affect your skin. Acne can be a cause of too much oil. Yes, it can cause as it is deep fried in oil. Oil should be consumed in minimal amounts. Anything that is consumed more than its required serving can have negative effects. One of them is the production of too much oil on your glands causing it to affect your skin. French fries cooked in low oils are safe to eat only quantity should be lowered. Excess sebum production through hormonal changes can make your skin oily and cause acne. Not exfoliating/cleaning your skin can lead to acne due to dead skin cell build up. Not replacing your pillow sheet enough can lead to acne.  Eating French fries does not. Source

10. Potato Chips

Hormonal imbalance in the skin is a main cause of acne. In teenagers, both boys and girls the androgen hormones secretion at puberty stage enlarge the number of sebaceous glands, oil accumulation and finally make the shape of pimple heads on the facial skin. Pregnancy sometimes leads to acne breakouts but it is very rare. Potato chips are oily in nature and as described in above paragraphs oily foods such as French fries are foods that cause acne. Meanwhile, potato chips are may be blamed for pimple bumps on the facial skin.

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