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Best Home Remedies For Knee Pain | 9 Best Solutions For Knee Pain

Knee Pain is becoming a very big problem for the people of almost every age. The possible reason for knee pain can be carrying heavy weights or some other, knee joints are very important part of legs and they have to work a lot. We perform walking, running, jumping, and staring many times in a day. If your knee joints are not strong enough to bear the weight 20% of us have experienced knee pain in the past three months. The common reasons can be injuries or osteoarthritis that gets more common as you age.Home remedies for knee pain in emergency condition are most important to avoid a future headache.

Best home Remedies for knee pain 9 Best Solutions For Knee Pain
Best home Remedies for knee pain 9 Best Solutions For Knee Pain

Many times knee pain becomes so severe. You should have to take care a lot of your health. Below are some quit portable home Remedies for knee pain in an emergency condition.

1. Frozen cubes of water Ice.

Cubes of frozen water or peas are a great portable solution to knee swelling or knee pain. Molding ice for approximately for 20 minutes is quit effect for knee pain. No matter knee pain is due to arthritis or due to other reason. This helps bring down the inflammation; the main reason behind pain and swelling. Ice is one of quickest possible home Remedies for knee pain.

2. Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs( NSAIDs ).

Using Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the group of very effective drugs. It is most commonly used for pain. NSAIDs are much better than using acetaminophen. You can take ibuprofen like drugs for at least 10 to 15 days to overcome the knee pain if your stomach allows it. Elizabeth Matzin, surgical director of women’s musculoskeletal health at Harvard Medical School says that taking these drugs this way is much better than starting and stopping.

3. Smart Exercise As home Remedies for knee pain.

It is obvious how a person can perform exercise when he is having trouble with his knees. How can he carry weights? But a little exercise is much important to build up leg and knee muscles to strengthen them.

Exercises may cause a big problem but if done wrong. A very little movement is also necessary for knee joint to perform well. So, slow walking, cycling at lower speeds and closed kinematic chain exercises (the exercises where the foot stays planted, for example on an elliptical trainer are very beneficial and keep the knees working. It is totally forbidden to run fast or extending your knees fully as this may put you in very big trouble. It will increase the pain severely.

4. Healthy Foods.

Taking healthy foods is very important to reduce every kind of pain. Egg and a little hot milk mixture are very healthy diet foods. There are many diets that overcome the pain. They go straight to your knees and heal the pain. Drinking 1% of fat-free milk helped women put brakes on knee osteoarthritis. Vitamin C is very effective for pain. Another study shows that people who eat food containing vitamin C are less likely to suffer from osteoarthritis as compared to those who do not. You should take fat-free milk and eating foods rich in vitamin C. On the other hand Vitamin D strengthens bones. Healthy diet is extremely helpful and is best home Remedies for knee pain.

5. Reducing the Body Weight.

As stated above knee pain is mostly caused due to carrying heavy weights. So, being weighty is the biggest cause of this situation. You should take extreme care of diets that cause obesity or weight gain. There are plenty of healthy diet foods and best foods for weight loss. These may help you a lot to reduce body weight. It will reduce the tension of your knees thus decreasing the pain. Losing weight will not only reduce pain but also make your body slim and attractive. You may consider reading to reduce body weight. Top 10 Best foods for weight loss List to live better life

6. Injections.

Injections are somehow not a home remedy but it is very necessary. Injections directly affect that area of the body having pain. However, injections are not to be taken until advised by the doctor. Corticosteroids can ease knee pain when they are injected directly into the joint, as they reduce inflammation.

7. Knee Replacement.

When nothing works to reduce knee pain so, knee replacement is the solution. In this case, the surgeon resurfaces the ends of the upper and lower leg bones (called femur and tibia) where they meet in the joint. A surgeon also replaces the cartilage with plastic and metallic parts.

It is a very difficult decision of knee replacement, but it sometimes becomes necessary as well.

8. Glucosamine.

Shellfish contain rich amount of glucosamine. It is a fluid in a human body around the joint for the lubrication and free movement. It is a very necessary element of the human body. A research reveals that glucosamine is much important for knee osteoarthritis. It is also helpful for hip osteoarthritis. Glucosamine reduces pain of osteoarthritis in the knee about as well as the over-the-counter pain reliever acetaminophen (Tylenol)

9. Palates Rich Plasma.

Another option that you could probably go for is PRP. In this method, the blood gets removed and then treated before it is injected again into the joint with concentrated proteins called growth factors.

Athletes use platelet-rich plasma for sprains and this is clear evidence that it can help you with your knee pain. If a few more studies also show the same, this might go mainstream in the coming years.

Knee pain is very common in old or weak people and you are likely to get affected in old age if you have not been taking proper care earlier. A good diet and proper exercises are necessary at any age as they can prevent you from any such conditions at later stages.

Also, you should get a proper advice regarding the exercises that are suitable for your age and physical condition, to make sure that you are not putting too much weight on your knees. Besides all this, if you experience knee pain, you should always consult your doctor to know that which method is the most suitable one for you. Source

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