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How is chair massage reducing health complaints among employees?

The average office-goer in Boston travels more than 30 minutes per day to reach office. Research shows that people typically work 40 hours per week in the city. A recent survey ranks Boston as one of the most stressful cities to live in. Most Bostonians spend close to 32% of their earnings on rent. While many adults try to move away from Boston with a new job, it is not the option for those with family in the city. They are also likely to perform poorly in office due to high levels of stress.

A new trend in corporate wellness responsibilities shows that the preference for in-office massages is on the rise. Boston chair massage programs for office places can not only boost employee morale, but it can also increase their productivity at work. A 5-minute session can relieve their chronic neck pain and backaches that cause them to take days off from work. Studies show that in-office chair massage programs show immediate results that can last for at least a week. It can help a corporation improve employee attendance without imposing an expensive policy.

Why should corporations invest in chair massage programs?

Here are a few reasons every office should think about investing in the chair massage program –

  1. It encourages participation – While it is no team-building program, corporate chair massages can encourage almost 99% of your employees to participate in something together. It boosts team morale if you promote it as a team activity.


  1. The cost of the program – Are you aware that the cost per employee can be cheaper than the price of coffee and cake. For booking a corporate chair massage for the entire office, you might end up spending lesser than $15 per employee, depending on the company you pick. You can also access the promotional offers and early booking discounts to get some fantastic deals.


  • The long-lasting effectiveness – While massages take only about 10-15 minutes (the duration will depend upon your discretion), their effects can last for more than 7 to 10 days. The simple 10-minute massage can take care of the stress, pain, fatigue, and monotony in the long-term.

The budget corporate chair massage programs improve problem-solving abilities, teamwork and creative thinking among employees of all ages. Most importantly, it eliminates absenteeism. Recent studies show that multiple companies in and around Boston have adopted corporate chair massage programs to lower the cost of employee health insurance.

Are you booking the best chair massage company online?

You can find hundreds of companies that offer chair massages for corporate environments, but only a few are professional enough to provide employee comfort within a limited time. Check your references before booking a chair massage service online. Your best bet would be a service that understands the value of your time and money. In this uber-competitive world, losing time is losing money. Always ensure that the massage service you pick is punctual and has a high rating on every third-party business directory.

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