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How to be successful in life and beat stress at the same time?

There are a few reasons that are why we accumulate huge debt in our life. This kind of obligation comes to our life due to our unemployment. Most often debt is the cues of our habits of spending too much money without any reason.


If you’re spending money with your credit cards, it costs you cash to burn through cash. Even if a credit card is granting you support to buy that thing you can’t pay for now, but you feel comfortable to pay off easily in the future, the truth is that you just finish up owning less and owing more. Our lack of knowledge to manage to our debt tactfully keeps those credit card balances static or allows them to rise.


It really does not matter at all what is your identity or what is that because that made you forced to be n debt. Rather it is our concern that there is no age of being in debt. Maybe they are young, or maybe they are grown-up, but a debt leads all of them in danger, physically and mentally. Modern medical science has shown us that the pressure of being in debt could be harmful to your mental and physical health.


Blood pressure


A study of Northwestern University has shown that even the fatal condition of being in debt arise in that adults who are in the age of 24-32. They are also reported to have such complexity that leads them to have higher blood pressure and risk of stroke and heart disease.




A research report is also very relevant to be shared with all of you that some research work Northwestern University also assure us those people who are in bigger debt are having in bigger stress level and it is (11.7%) higher than normal, and it is needless to say that a high stress level isalso  linked with higher blood pressure.


Interestingly h you may be surprised after hearing that when you have a bigger stress level, you must have a poor mental condition also. They are linked always linked together. We cannot deny the fact that whenever we are in a bigger better situation, then we must be distress psychologically. Not only our physical health is in danger because of this great debt issue, but we also have the feeling of being underwater, and there is no way to get out of it. The situation must be continued for a long time and will do numerous damages to our life.




Rutgers University study has shown that not only young people have such kind of street-level after having in debt, rather it is also stressful for the older adults also who are victimized of poor economic condition, and they are in trouble just for that.A study of Rutgers University has proved the fact that adults between the age of 51 onwards having in debt frequently and this is a condition that has a great influence on their mental health. According to debt settlement reviews, all the symptoms of depression are very prompt on them when they are having a big amount of unsecured debt and when they do not feel in control of feeling in control of their financial circumstances.


Lower immunity


Though it is not many in numbers yet some of the studies are also done on the matter of human immunization after having stress due to debt. Sweet the great scientist tells us that you may not find any difficulty to associate them together. Chronic stress always gives birth to a suppressed immune system, and there is no doubt in the fact that debt is a huge source of acute stress. If there are Money worries, you must be awaked at night, and it may lead you to the impairment to your body’s capability to fight off infection.


Doctor visits


Those people who are in debt say goodbye to their regular checkup, and naturally, they fall in illness. People having higher medical debt or credit card debt are not ready to visit their doctor’s shop due to having poor economic condition. It is obviously very true that whenever they are facing such kind of hardship, it must be an impact on their health also. As they are unable to pay off their medical bill, they sometimes ignore the suggestions of their family doctors of having regular health check-up for their fitness. It is very true that debt doesn’t only affect our health rather keep us away from that treatment that we need for our wellness.


Sudden pains


If you get sudden pains in your body, then you must have a big debt in the market, and you are struggling a lot to accumulate the sum what is needed to get out of it. Your credit card sometimes tells your health condition. The survey done in 2008 found that about 44% of people of higher debt stress are having frequent headaches, compared with that 15 % of people who are having lower levels of debt. The additional sufferings that come out as a consequence of this debt are muscle stress, ulcers, back pain, digestive tract problems, and many more.




Debt doesn’t drive the couple apart. Our above discussion makes it very clear that debt does have any direct link on our health condition and whenever we’re under stress, it the health first that comes in the grasp of a debt.


Logically your observation is correct. We get sudden breakouts of numerous diseases just because of this debt. But in a closer observation will make it clear to you that debt is also very influential for our relationships also. That places a huge strain on our relationship.

Having enough money is a basic need, and when you feel the pressure of debt, you feel scared, stressed, upset, and worried about your future. In this type of environment, staystrong as a couple even if it’s tough.


Debt can be the cause of quietness and cold for the life partners, and for some, it might lead to offensive arguments. Your bonding may come in great trouble depending on how the debt was collected that in the long run can create some realtrust issues.


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