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How to decide on your eyelid and brow lift surgery?

The reason people want to hold on to youth is perhaps that they know it will not last forever! Aging is natural and gradually, your facial skin will start to show the signs of aging. Do you fret of having the skin surrounding your eyes wrinkled or sagged? If yes, then you can opt-in for a lid and brow lift once you have taken the guidance of an ace doctor.

The decision to opt-in for an eyelid and brow-lift shouldn’t be made in haste. You need to assess your requirements and decisions thoroughly. To know more about the process, you can visit the New Image Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Know whether an eyelid and brow-lift are correct for you

The majority of people opt-in for a brow lift purely because of cosmetic reasons. Today, people have become more conscious about the way they look. Also, commercial advertisements and social media posts keep on coloring our notion of unrealistic glamour and beauty. However, if you want to enhance your eye and forehead region, an eyelid and brow lift can do wonders to your look. It will take away years away from your face.

However, if you have drooping skin close to your eye, the reasons are beyond cosmetic. There are times when you can find the tissue and skin close to the upper eyelids a little thick. It will result in eye-fatigue and might also interfere with the vision.

You can check this using an easy tip! You can use your finger to hold the eyelid up. And if this makes you feel your vision has improved, drooping skin might be the problem. And if you wish to sort this issue, you can consult an ace medical professional. Even if you feel that a brow lift can work wonders, you should first consult with a doctor before making the final decision.

The two types of eyelid lift surgeries

If you have decided to opt-in for an eyelid lift surgery, under the guidance of an ace doctor, you can choose from the two kinds of blepharoplasty.

  1. Upper lid blepharoplasty

It is a surgery done to remove the fat and sometimes the skin in the upper eyelid. The process is simple and involves no complexities. The process requires mild sedation, and you need almost 25 minutes for it. Usually, it takes a week to recover from the bruising and swelling. And there can be mild pain. The stitches done on the eyelid will come off almost after a week.

  1. Lower lid blepharoplasty

With this surgery, a plastic surgeon can address wrinkles and bags beneath the eye. Here the surgeon works towards repositioning or removing the fat by making a minute incision. Sometimes, the surgeon tightens the excess skin as well. The recovery time is the same as upper lid blepharoplasty.

When it comes to a brow lift, an expert plastic surgeon makes the incisions right atop the brow for lifting as well as tightening the skin that’s above the eyes. The process might have minor scars. Also, when the incisions are done on the hairline, your scars can be less visible.

Now that you know about the process, you can decide better for yourself. Also, understand that each patient has different coping mechanisms. If your surgery takes a little more time to heal, don’t panic. The most important thing to do is ensure you are getting the surgery done under quality and authentic medical intervention.

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