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Can Orthodontic Continuing Education Target Oral Diseases in the Elderly?

As people age with time, their health also deteriorates, including their teeth. So one needs to have information on what type of dental problems occur in elderly and what are the reasons behind it. The dentists also need to have orthodontic CE to help them in curing the oral problems that occur in old age.

Dental Problems of the Elderly

The age very much affects the anatomy of the person; the most affected part is the teeth. If the teeth are not in good shape and health then your overall health is affected. So it is important to visit your dentist to keep a track of your dental health. You should know the problems you would likely face in old age.

The decay of the Tooth

Dental caries or cavities, most commonly known as tooth decay is caused by the by acid made by bacteria in the teeth. This is the problem that happens mostly to children as they eat lots of sweets. It can develop infection, pain and even cause loss your teeth. Many elderly people are sometimes indisposed and cannot brush their teeth, so plaque and tartar buildup. There are lots of ways by which you can prevent the tooth from decaying.

  1. Use fluoride toothpaste for brushing teeth twice a day.
  2. Eat healthy food and avoid sugary products.
  3. Supplement intake of fluoride, calcium and vitamin D is important.
  4. Regular dental checkups are necessary.

Diseases of the Gums

When bacteria buildup around the gums it can be the cause of infection called gingivitis. This can further result in additional problems like difficulty in chewing and swallowing. In this situation, gums can bleed easily; turn red, swollen and become tender with bad taste and breathe. Many factors contribute to this;

  1. You have poor dental hygiene.
  2. Tobacco chewing and smoking.
  3. Genetically transferred.
  4. Different medicines; anti-epilepsy drugs, cancer therapy drugs, and

Missing Teeth

People between the ages of 20-64 are prone to loss two or three teeth. There can be several reasons; deficiency of calcium and fluoride, chewing something hard, gum disease or it can be genetic. There are many ways to replace a lost tooth;

  1. The gap between teeth can be filled with bridges using gold, alloy or porcelain mixture to support the teeth. Some bridges are removable and can be cleaned occasionally but others are fixed.
  2. At times more than one tooth is missing and you cannot hide that. Dentures are artificial teeth that can fill the gap of the missing teeth.
  3. A permanent solution to this problem is teeth implant. This is a surgical procedure and can be painful. Nevertheless, people prefer it as this is an effective way.

There are many institutes and clinics that can teach you about different oral problems. One to mention is Gerety Orthodontics Seminars.

Dryness in the Mouth

It is very common to have a dry mouth, especially in the summer. But if your mouth is constantly dried then you should consult your orthodontist to have it properly treated. Several medicines in certain diseases can cause dryness of the mouth. This happens when the amount of saliva in the mouth is less. Patients may face common problems like; burning sensation, sore throat, and difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness, trouble in speaking and dry nasal passage.

Teeth Sensitivity

If you feel extremely cold and hot sensations in the teeth and gums, then you are prone to sensitivity. There are many causes of sensitivity; fractured teeth, worn filling, tooth decay, gum diseases, exposed tooth root, and worn tooth enamel. You can maintain good oral hygiene to avoid sensitivity.

Crowding of the Teeth

You must have noticed the gap between the teeth or teeth is very close to each other. These situations make cleaning your teeth difficult and damage the teeth and gums. Several techniques are available out there that an orthodontist can use to fix this problem. If you are a practicing dentist then orthodontic CE is necessary for you. You can learn more by studying more.

Oropharyngeal Cancer

As you grow old, the risk of having oral cancer increases. This cancer develops in the area of the mouth including; gum tissues, tongue, lips, cheek lining, soft and hard palate, jaw and throat. The major cause of oral cancer is excessive drinking and smoking. Doctors have discovered that Human Papilloma Virus also contributes to the development and every year thousands of people are affected by it and have oral cancer.

The best way to avoid and prevent these oral diseases is to consult an orthodontist, who will guide you in oral hygiene. You can also develop self-check by keeping a regular check on the symptoms of the various problems mentioned above. It is all up to you, how you use this information for your benefit.

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