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Top Home Remedies For Shortness of Breath During Sleep

Shortness of breath is a common condition which can occur in everybody. If this condition is not related to disease, you can entirely control it by yourself in your home. Another name breath shortness is apnea or breathlessness. We will introduce you some home remedies for shortness of breath in your home without medication or staff supports.

The reasons why you have shortness of breath?

Shortness of breath is a discomfort feeling when you do have enough oxygen to breathe. The patient feels oppressive, chest tightness, respiratory rate is fast and hollow. Breathlessness can be mild, moderate or severe.

Sometimes, the Normal person has apnea suddenly and just occur in a short time and disappear very quickly. Some usual cause of this condition such as Obesity or smoking. Allergic to something terrible or environmental pollution and when the temperature changes suddenly. It also due to heavy working, anxiety or extreme stress. If shortness of breath combined with fainting, nausea, vomiting, chest pain or hypotension. You need to see the doctor. It can cause a symptom of some severe diseases: Asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, anemia, pulmonary embolism, choking, abdominal heartbeat, heart failure, upper airway obstruction, heart attack or some poisoning.

Home remedies for shortness of breath:

  1. Deep breathing: Deep breathing can help control apnea condition. You lie down, put two hands on your abdomen. Inhale deeply through the nose, bulge your stomach and let the lungs have filled the air. Hold the breath for a few seconds. Exhale slowly through your mouth until your lungs run out of the sky. You do this from 5-10 minutes. You can do this exercise whenever you feel shortness of breath.
  2. Pursed-lip breathing: Another breath exercise is pursed-lip breath because it can make the respiratory rate slowly. It useful when someone has apnea due to anxiety. You need to Straight sitting in the chair with the relaxed shoulder. Hold two lips together. Inhaling in a few seconds and exhaling slowly through pursing-lip. Inhaling and emitting in 10 minutes. You do this exercise when you have apnea a repeat it until you feel better.
  3. You can find some comfortable positions: Here are some recommended positions for you: Sit down in front of a chair, with head resting on the table. Leaning against the wall to support the back. Stand with your hands down on the table, to reduce weight on your legs. Lie down with head and knees supported.
  4. Drink black coffee: Coffee can use for apnea condition because of caffeine in coffee can reduce muscle fatigue in the respiratory tract. Also, Black coffee can improve respiratory function in an asthma patient. However, drink too much coffee can make the fast heartbeat, so you need to control coffee amount.
  5. Eating fresh ginger: Add some slices of ginger to warm water. It can help reduce apnea and prevent inflammation. Ginger also is an efficient way of respiratory infection treatment.
  6. Drinking peppermint water: Peppermint contains cooling properties that can clear respiratorily traction. It is not only to make your month become freshly, but it also helps you access to breathing. You take some peppermint leaves into boiling water in a few minutes. You also add some drop of honey and drink this solution 2-3 times per day.
  7. Sitting in front of a fan: Some studies showed that using a fan can reduce apnea because of the airflow go through nose and face. You will feel like a more air go into the lung. It seems like an efficient way of breathless treatment.
  8. Lemon: Lemon contains an antioxidant which can efficiently support removing the toxin. It was also useful in treat breathing with merely drinking. You prepare a glass of warm water, combined with some slices of lemon, add a little bit of baking sad. Drink this solution sometimes in a day to get the result.
  9. Steam inhalation: Steam can help clear the nose, breathing more comfortable. Heat and moisture from the steam can melt the mucus in the lung which can reduce the breathlessness. To apply this, you need to fill hot water in a bow, add some drops of peppermint or lemongrass oil. Leaning face down and cover your head with a towel. Deep exhale and inhale the steam. Do not use too hot water; it can damage your skin.
  10. Stop smoking: This is the leading cause of many serious diseases, one of them is respiratory tract problems. Therefore, you should stay away from a cigarette or second-hand smoke because it can lead to lung cancer and shortness of breath is one sign when you have lung cancer.
  11. Do exercise regularly and using some relaxation therapies: when you are walking, the blood circulation is better, and the respiratory muscles become stronger. It reduces the risk of apnea, and it is suitable for overweight. Every day, you can walk about 5 or 10 minutes combined with some another exercise. Besides that, you try some relaxation therapies such as yoga, meditation. It can increase the oxygen flow to the organs in your body. It will reduce the stress and anxiety. Remember, choice places which entirely and silence to get best the results.
  12. You maintain a healthy diet: You should eat some food which good for your lung and heart function. Vitamin D, vitamin C, beta-carotene, Kali, magic is good for the lung. The menu contains high protein, calories can help you control your weight, cholesterol level and blood pressure is good for the heart. It protects your lung and antioxidant. Add more fruit, vegetables to get enzyme, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant to help you more comfortable with breathing. Avoiding food which rich gas, preservative substance, a stimulant such as coffee, tea, processed foods.

When you have persistent or suddenly apnea, or it affects your daily life. You have to see the doctor immediately. If the shortness is a symptom of diseases, you still can use home remedies for shortness of breath when taking medication from the doctor. Hope this article helpful for you.

Source:  https://authorityremedies.com/home-remedies-for-shortness-of-breath/

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