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Ways in which sleep deprivation affects your body and mind

Quality sleep is essential for proper functioning of the body. Research and studies show that people who lack sleep for a prolonged time, have several bodily discomforts from increased blood pressure to indigestion. Lack of sleep also leads to obesity and also other severe ailments like diabetes and insomnia.

Similarly, a good sleep cycle rejuvenates the body and mind. It helps to refresh your mood and revitalize your body. One of the most critical aspects that result in a deep REM state of sleep is the mattress you select. You don’t have to overspend on a mattress to sleep well. There are affordable and discounted options available. To know more about this, you can visit leesamattresscoupons.com. To resolve your sleep deprivation, it is essential to understand how negatively it impacts your body.

The obvious symptoms of sleep deprivation

Some of the apparent sleep deprivation symptoms that you might face are:

  • A constant drowsy feeling all through the day
  • Experiencing sudden micro-sleeps frequently during the day
  • Feeling giddy while doing your daily work
  • Burning or itchy eyes
  • A general sense of fatigue all through the day
  • Even though you feel sleepy during the day, you are unable to have quality sleep at night
  • You wake up several times while you sleep at night

After effects of sleep deprivation

Whether it is home or office, you have errands and targets to achieve.  For that, you need the correct energy and the right amount of mental alertness. Lack of sleep can take away both and can severely impact people’s professional performance negatively. It doesn’t allow people to think with clarity and respond promptly. Even the memory forming pattern gets affected badly. It makes people forget important facts and dates.

That aside, sleep deprivation also leads to an irritable mood, less patience, and constant mood swings. It can also cause problems in relationships, especially for teenagers and children. People with depression tend to get more depressed and feel low when they are unable to sleep at night.  Mental conditions like anxiety, stress, tension and panic attacks increase when you decrease your minimum sleeping hours at a prolonged basis.

Correcting your sleep deprivation

The first step to resolving sleep deprivation is to know the symptoms and after effects. Once you are aware of it, you need to seek medical help and therapy to restore your proper sleeping disorder. It is important because sleep deprivation leads to diabetes, increased blood pressure, and obesity and heart ailments.  Your doctor might suggest you mild sleeping pills to get you back to your sleeping habit. You can stop the pills the moment you can sleep naturally.

Sleep deprivation is dangerous. There’s no two way about it. There have been studies where people suffering from deprivation got examined for operating a driving simulator. Often they are given the eye-hand coordination tasks. And these people invariably perform poor than intoxicated individuals. Sleep deprivation causes individuals to drive in a sloppy manner where one is prone to accidents. Hence, before it reaches extremes do all it takes to curb and finally cure sleep deprivation.Learn about a  safe period calculator to avoid pregnancy

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