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What are the advantages of functional medicine?

Do you suffer from a nagging pain in your neck that does not go away? Are you struggling with knee pain that comes and goes without a cue? These might be signs of a more severe illness that is growing without any other symptoms. Modern medicine has all the tools ready for the diagnosis and treatment of these symptoms, but these tools are rarely efficient enough to determine the underlying causes.

Sometimes, patients insist upon the presence of pain or discomfort that doctors can neither feel nor verify. It leaves both parties in doubt and distress. Functional medicine has an answer to all these confusions for good. Experts often refer to it as concierge medicine. It treats the individual entirely, instead of isolating signs and prescribing medication for each symptom. Apart from a high satisfaction level, here are a few more advantages of functional medicine in chiropractic care –

  1. It is preventative in nature

Most functional medicine is preventative in nature, and it helps in the early detection of several metabolic diseases. It is useful in the detection and prevention of genetic disorders, cardiometabolic diseases, joint and mobility problems, and several metabolic disorders.


  1. It is effective for everyone

Functional medicine is useful for every person irrespective of their age, gender and profession. Even children can benefit from the effects of functional medicine since it considers the individual’s entire health before dishing out diagnoses. Many of the treatment procedures include physical manipulations of joints and other body parts, and the use of natural supplements to treat deficiencies. That makes it ideal for kids as well as seniors.


  • You get to really know your specialists

When you typically visit the emergency room at any hospital, you have no idea which doctor you are going to meet. Finding the appointment of a cardiologist or gynecologist is extremely difficult nowadays. However, with functional medicine, you will always find your doctor, when you need him or her. Functional medicine requires doctors to get to know their patients closely to offer effective treatment. That is the primary advantage of functional medicine.


  1. You will receive first-hand care from your doctor(s)

Hospital visits can be jarring for anyone. Most of us only remember many nameless faces hovering around us to collect blood, or administer IVs and perform tests. However, with functional medicine in chiropractic care, when you require blood tests, imaging tests or hospital care, your personal doctor will always accompany you for the best treatment. He or she will always be there to consult your healthcare professionals regarding your personal care plan.


  1. You pay the money directly towards your healthcare and not to an insurance company

When you choose your functional medicine cum chiropractic care, you can pay them according to the services you access. You can decide to pay for preventative care, instead of paying an insurance company, which chooses to pay for your healthcare at the hour of need.

For more detailed information on the various advantages, you can visit Active Edge Columbus Ohio. Most doctors who offer functional medicine and chiropractic care know that patients in Columbus are putting money aside for health insurance plans. Therefore, much of their treatment is in line with traditional medical practices that standard health insurance plans cover.

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