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What are the Things To Look For While Buying Filet Mignon?

If you are planning to cook a tender steak dish with lots of juicy succulence and natural flavor, then the best cut you may get is the filet mignon. It’s costly too, and costlier than all other steak cuts. Hence, when you are investing on it, you must know the best tips to buy a filet mignon, so that your purchase and spending are justified, and you also get the best taste from it.

Watch out where you are buying steak from

This is the first criteria when buying steaks. If the store is not good enough, shabby and unclean, then you can expect the steak quality to be so too. Hence it’s best to go to a nice and clean store. You may also look for buying online from reputed suppliers. This should be easier for you, as ordering is possible from anywhere on the go, and you receive it fast at your address without any hassle.

The steak quality

There are two good cuts of steaks which are approved by the USDA. One is the Choice cut, and another is the Prime cut. Any good standard steak cut is labeled and certified Choice by the USDA. If you go to a supermarket to buy, you will find Choice cuts mostly. Prime cuts are even better and tastier, more juicy, and with greater fat content and superb marbling. That is why only the best pieces are labeled prime. If you are after buying prime filet mignon, then you will have to look for sellers dedicatedly selling this quality.

Look foraging

The more aged steak is, the better. However, aging is done under safe, sanitary conditions, which not all steak makers adhere to. Hence, the steak price you are looking at must be checked for packaging date, to be sold by date, and then you may judge how much time is still left for its shelf life. Also, look for any spots of greying on the steak. If you find any, it may indicate spoiling at those places. Avoid such pieces then. The best quality streak must be dark red to dark pink color, uniformly cut, and have a nice marbling with creamy white fat.

Try to bag a center cut piece

Ask your seller to give you a center cut filet mignon piece. This will ensure you get a solid chunk of the steak, which is being cut from a solid muscle. If you get a steak from the end of the tenderloin, then you may have little difficulty tossing it well while cooking, and also the muscles may split at places making it look unappealing. Although the taste and flavor would not be altered but looks wise, it won’t be that good. Hence a center cut piece should be the preference.


The choice of the steak based on all these factors would be giving you a great experience with taste and feel. If you are cooking it for yourself, you would be happy. If you are planning it for guests, you would be happier.


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