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Why you develop stretch marks and how to get rid of them?

Any sudden shrink or stretch in your skin may cause stretch marks, which are a kind of scar. These marks result from the rapid change in the levels of collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. Both these elements are necessary for skin’s firmness and elasticity. Collagen is a protein that plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the connective tissues, while elastin, as evident from the name, ensures skin’s bounciness. When the body undergoes any sudden transformation, these fibers tend to break down. And as they heal, stretch marks start appearing on the surface of your skin.

These narrow grooves can also occur due to hormonal imbalance in the body and not just by overstretching of the skin. For example, if your adrenal glands create a higher level of glucocorticoids during puberty, pregnancy, or fluctuations in weight, you may get these marks on your body. According to medical studies, your genes can also be one reason why you see these thin bands on your skin. Lighter skin tones, generally, get pinkish marks, while darker skin develops slightly less deep marks.

How to treat stretch marks?

Having stretch marks on the visible skin part of your body may hamper your confidence and fashion style as everyone aspires to own flawless skin. You might not feel comfortable wearing some dresses that otherwise you couldwith full elan, for the fear that these marks look ugly. Don’t worry much. You can eliminate these thin lines with proper treatment. You can choose a trusted stretch mark cream, gel or lotion from the market, or adopt any home remedies. It’s vital to note that certain things may or may not work for you. But you need to keep trying them until you get the desired result. Here are some tips that you can follow for an efficient solution.

Selecting a reliable stretch mark removal cream, gel or lotion

You need to buy a trusted brand in this case. However, with that, you also have to ensure a few things, such as these:

  • Mature or old stretch marks are difficult to remove. So, as soon as you notice them, apply a good quality scar removal cream.
  • You need to massage that cream well into your stretch marks. Don’t leave the cream just like that. A proper gentle massage with cream can prove to be extremely useful.
  • Generally, these marks don’t fade soon. So, you may have to wait longer for the results to show. For that, it’s critical you apply cream every day for some weeks.

Going with a home remedy

Many ingredients seem to work wonderfully on these nasty scars, like cocoa butter, olive oil, coffee scrub, apple cider vinegar, Vitamin E oil, etc. Choose a combination of these remedies for a better and faster impact. Also, take note of these things:

  • Whether you take cocoa butter or any other ingredient, you have to create a perfect mix by adding some more elements with them. For example, if you use cocoa butter, you may have to add a couple of other items, such as wheat germ oil, apricot oil, kernel oil, etc. Once the solution is ready, you need to store it in an air-tight jar for repeated use.
  • Most of these packs or solutions work best when applied twice or thrice in a day for weeks. That means if you want to remove these marks, you will have to follow this rule diligently.
  • Like cream or gel, these mixtures also need to be rubbed well into the marks for removal.

Medical researchers are not in favor of home remedies much as they find these to bear little or no impact in stretch mark removal. Hence, they recommend prescription medicines or some dermatological therapies as other options. Here you can find about them.

Opting for a prescription medicine

You can take your pick from hyaluronic acid or tretinoin. While the first one can act on early marks well, the latter one is claimed to be useful on both mature and new stretch marks. You need to massage these creams for a specific period to see results.

Following the dermatological procedure

Ultrasound, chemical peel, radiofrequency, laser, and microdermabrasion are some of the popular skin treatments that your dermatologist may suggest. He or she can use one or a combination of these treatments for the best outcome, for example, radiofrequency with laser therapy. Whether you can take this treatment or not depends on multiple factors, such as your age, medical condition, and the maturity of your skin marks.

However, you need to be aware that these procedures might not be free of side-effects. Only an experienced and licensed dermatologist can ensure that you face minor and transient side-effects. At the end of the method, you may experience redness and swelling. But there is nothing to fear. These may go away within a few hours or days. The only thing is the risk of side effects is undeniable in this case. Hence, it’s better to choose this option only when others don’t work for you. And also, be careful in selecting your doctor.

The truth about stretch marks removal

Most of the medical procedures and prescription medicines can only reduce the appearance of these thin bands up to 70 percent max. That means you might not get full freedom from these marks on your skin even after spending a large sum of money and taking unnecessary health risks. Going by that, it seems better to depend on home remedies, which are at least devoid of any health risks. But, again, the problem is, you have to spend a lot of time and also money to collect all the necessary ingredients and to prepare them. And after putting all that effort, you may still not be able to erase those scars. What’s the solution then, you may wonder?

The best way to treat them is to get a good stretch mark removal cream. You can buy scar cream & stretch mark removal cream on Amazon at the best price hassle-free. These types of cream are easy to apply and also inexpensive compared to other methods.

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