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5 Tips to Prevent Diabetes

Wayne Whitehurst August 17, 2019

Diabetes is a classic example of a “slow killer disease”. Almost 70% people with predictable diabetes tend to develop type 2 diabetes that jeopardize eye sight, kidney failure, heart ailments and different types of other health hazards. If you have a history of diabetes in your family then chances are more that the disease might strike you at any stage of your life.

Here, some tips for preventing diabetes are discussed. You still have the chance to cheat the fatal disease (yes, many die out of higher level of diabetes)—

Slow down the consumption of sugar & sweets

If you prefer taking several cups of tea and coffee daily then, it’s high time when you need to cut off few cups. You have the option to cut the sugar cubes and instead of milk coffee or tea- you can simply go for green tea or black coffee. Extra intake of caffeine is also not healthy practice.

Quit the habit of consuming soft drinks. They’re rivers of sugar ready to kill a diabetic within a few shots. So, cut it completely for the survival.

Lower carbohydrate level

Lower or cut off carbohydrates from your daily diet. As a matter of fact, carbs are needed as they supply the major source energy in our bodies. But honestly, when you’re thinking to restrain diabetes for invading your body then avoid all the vegetables grown undergrounds such as gourds, potatoes, carrots, beets etc. You should also reduce the intake of red meat. Instead, take fish containing Omega and chicken. White meat is an excellent substitute for the red meats. If you’re obese, zero greasy chicken recipes are going to reduce your body weight too.

Regular Work Out

Without any excuse, work out hard and daily. For that there’s no need to hit the expensive gyms. You can ride a bicycle to office or you can even walk daily or run in the morning or evening after work. Nowadays, many companies are intrigued to adopt corporate fitness plans for keeping the employees fit and fabulous.

Reduce weight

If you’re obese or overweight- it’s high time to reduce the weight. Start with consulting a dietician and then a fitness trainer that can guide you through the process to lose weight.

Quit Smoking

Perhaps the two words that heavy smokers hate the most. But honestly, for resisting diabetes, you have to quit smoking or else you have to gear up to face the hideous consequences for fighting diabetes.

Try these ways out to prevent diabetes.