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Weight Loss

Can You Drink Caffeine After Bariatric Surgery?

Wayne Whitehurst September 29, 2021

Do you start your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and are thinking of getting bariatric surgery? Then pause for a moment and read this article. Cause your love life with caffeine after bariatric surgery is going to change!

Coffee is no doubt a part of our daily life and the most consumed beverage. But for those who undergo bariatric surgery will need to be careful with drinking coffee, both in the way they drink it and when they start drinking coffee again after their surgery.

Wondering why no caffeine after bariatric surgery?

Caffeine is a stimulant, which can cause lower nutrient absorption. Drinking coffee immediately following surgery could negatively affect your body post-op since you already will be absorbing nutrients at less-than-optimal levels and the caffeine in coffee acts as an additional irritant for this process. Avoid drinking any caffeinated beverages after surgery to avoid these problems!

When I went through my Bariatric Surgery Tijuana, my surgeon explained that a typical cup of coffee has a whopping 95-200mg of caffeine. This is enough to keep you going for hours! However, someone who underwent bariatric surgery may not be able to drink as much because they are no longer considered ‘normal, healthy adults’ post-surgery.

Ever since undergoing bariatric surgery, you may find the taste of coffee has changed. In addition to caffeine and milk substitutes that might not be available due to dietary restrictions after your procedure is complete, many flavoured coffees are loaded with sugar or cream–which can quickly add up in calories!

If you used to drink Starbucks’ fancy special brews every morning for breakfast before getting a gastric sleeve done, this journey through life then adjusting from these fancier drinks into something “plain” would likely take some time. It is possible to have a morning coffee without breaking your diet. But you will need some modifications like giving up on your toppings like whipped cream, using non-fat creamer, using different milk like oat milk or soy milk, limiting the number of coffees you use to consume in a day, etc. (I know that’s tough!)

Side effects of caffeine could be as follows causes anxiety, compulsive behaviour, paranoia, depression, hyperactivity, insomnia, tremors and muscle twitches in the extremities (arms or legs, etc.)

The recovery from bariatric surgery can seem daunting. However, doctors and surgeons have made the process as easy on you as possible to ensure your success with this weight loss procedure. Forgoing your daily dose of caffeine may be difficult for most of us; however, if you make small changes here and there, it will not seem as hard on the body as giving up cold turkey would be after drinking so many cups every day for years!