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Hair Care

Effective Natural Home Remedies To Stop Hair Fall

Maria J. Eubank July 2, 2021

Hair Loss has become one of the most common problems affecting both women and men. Multiple reasons can influence hair fall problems such as genetic factors, stress, hormonal imbalance, thyroid glands, lack of nutrients, scalp infection, medications, air pollution, etc. As per the experts, losing 50 to 100 strands of hair every day is typical. Although, if you lose more than that, it is the right time to pay attention to your hair. There are various home remedies that you can apply to control hair fall, which are mentioned below:

  • Essential Oil Hair Massage

Just how you wash your hair, regular hair massage plays a crucial role in keeping them healthy. It is one of the most effective ways to strengthen hair. You can get your hands on the hair oil that suits you the most. However, if you are searching for a reliable product you can trust, buy Indulekha oil. It has all the natural ingredients such as coconut, bringha, amla, etc., which is beneficial for hair.

  • Drink Sufficient Water

Dehydration is one of the reasons why your hair is not healthy. You can prevent this problem by staying hydrated and drinking a sufficient amount of water. Other than that, you can also try various healthy juices made of multiple fruits and vegetables.

  • Consume Amla Daily

Amla is highly rich in vitamin C and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and exfoliating properties. The deficiency of essential nutrients is one of the reasons for hair fall. If you start consuming amla regularly, it will keep your hair follicles healthy and strong promoting hair growth.

  • Apply Onion Juice On Scalp

Onions are wonderful as hair loss prevention sterling heights mi. It has supreme antibacterial properties that fight scalp infestation, improves blood circulation, and promotes hair growth. So, extract the juice of onion, and apply it with a cotton ball. Follow these naturally to stop your hair fall, and if these remedies do not work on your hair, try a different shampoo or consult with your doctor!