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Going Beyond the Swab With Phosphorus Genomics and BioIQ

Wayne Whitehurst October 28, 2020

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe has created numerous challenges in the medical and business worlds. Also known as the coronavirus, this disease is known to have originated in Wuhan, China and has provoked mixed reactions.

Some people claim the disease started because of contact between animals and humans in China. Others claim it originated in the large animal market in China. While the disease started in China, it did not stop there. It has spread around the planet, leading to thousands of deaths.

Maintaining social distance and sanitation remain to be the only means of curbing the spread of the coronavirus. With this in mind, many organizations are fighting to bring about the end of the pandemic. Among many prospective resolutions, the search for a vaccine is a top priority.

The medical sector is encouraging individuals to go for regular COVID-19 tests. In most cases, clinicians use am invasive sterilized swab method, which must touch the nasopharynx, the top part of the nose past the nasal cavity.

Now marks the beginning of a new method of testing for COVID-19. Medical organizations are identifying simpler yet more accurate methods of testing for the coronavirus. Phosphorus Genomics and BioIQ have joined forces to launch their at-home saliva test kit.

Created with the expertise of sequencing professionals and leading genomics, the self-test kit offers accurate results. The self-administered test kit gives employers, consumers, and government agencies a drastically elevated capacity for home testing.

BioIQ is a clinical technology and health care engagement company. Phosphorus is a top genomics industry with its headquarters in New York and a laboratory in Secaucus, New Jersey. The two companies formed a partnership to make the EUA-authorized self-test kit available to individuals, enabling them to collect samples at home for COVID testing. This solution includes Phosphorus’s easy-to-use kit to collect saliva for testing. The results are available within 24 to 48 hours of delivery.

Phosphorus Diagnostics maintains a tech platform for digital symptoms and assessing exposure. It also enables contact tracing and follow-up care for affected individuals. Unlike the prevalent swab tests, saliva collection is simpler and less intrusive. The easy-to-use kit promotes extensive testing, as proposed by the World Health Organization. Wide-spread testing ranks high among the many methods of containing the spread of the disease.

Phosphorus Genomics uses strict measures to ensure accurate results. It is among the first organizations to receive EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their primary aim has been to perform a rigorous clinical study agreement beyond the synthetic sample agreement conducted by the FDA. Phosphorus Diagnostics adheres to the strict guidelines of the FDA. The presence of RT-PCR COVID-19 testing is convenient for home sample collection.

This new method of testing has become a critical need among health plans, employers, and government agencies. According to Justin Bellante, the CEO of BioIQ, partnering with Phosphorus Genomics adds sophistication to the process, involving the validation of a top genomics laboratory and extended use of home sample collection for COVID-19 tests.

This new testing solution is suitable for implementing strategic testing mindful of high-risk employees and their critical roles by testing employees, health workers, and government agencies. Through this partnership, Phosphorus is able to connect with laboratory employees across the globe.

With the economy reopening, testing has become essential. That is why Phosphorus Genomics is bringing the best testing solutions to individuals across the globe. Dealing with numerous patients around the world has led to unique insights into comprehensive COVID-19 testing.

Phosphorus Diagnostics is excited about their new partnership with BioIQ. They look forward to ensuring that everyone can access the new self-test kit. This new system redefines the way medical professionals connect with employers and consumers right in their own homes. With the help of real-time analytics, clients can get accurate results. Beyond the swab method, Phosphorus is creating a testing system for healthier outcomes.