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How Diabetics Should Take Care Of Their Eyes?

Wayne Whitehurst April 2, 2019

Diabetics tend to have serious eye diseases including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts and so on. The eye pressure may also get jeopardized causing to serious trauma and intricate pain. Therefore, if you’re a diabetic then take excellent care of your eyes from an early stage.

Here, some ideas are provided that you can follow for taking care of your eyes being a diabetic

Visit an eye-specialist

At least once in every six months, visit an eye specialist or an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive dilated eye examination. If you have higher levels of blood sugar and already been diagnosed with glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy then it’s important to stay under the constant guidance of a specialist. Often glaucoma destroys the normal sight but with proper medication it can be controlled.

Be strict to your diabetic diet & health management

You need to be very meticulous about the diabetic diet. Diabetic health management that include regular cardio exercises such as  45 minutes of walking or jogging or following the strict diet help in controlling the heinous disease.

Check on your blood sugar levels

It’s mandatory to keep an eye on the blood sugar levels. You can either visit the pathology for the test or you can buy your own glucometer device that is useful to check on your diabetes anytime. Depending on the end results, the doctor prescribes the medicines. High quality medicines are available that help to maintain not only the blood sugar but at the same time protects kidneys, heart, and eyes.

Test cholesterol & blood pressure for preserving the sight

Along with screening the blood sugar level, doctors also advise to take a close look at the cholesterol and blood pressure levels. These screenings are necessary for controlling diabetes.

If the blood sugar levels are controlled whether via oral medicines or insulin shots the eyes will definitely be protected from the threats of glaucoma, retinopathy etc.