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How to Find the Best Overall Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety

Maria J. Eubank August 10, 2022

People who have anxiety related issues often turn to CBD gummies to help them feel better. The overall best CBD gummies for anxiety are the ones that include flavors such as chocolate and peanut butter. Some people also report success with honey, but these products work best for those who have preexisting allergies or sensitivities to the delicious flavors of these bears.

Types of CBD Gummies

Some CBD gummy bears are made entirely from medical marijuana, and there are other products that use a blend that uses ingredients such as hemp. However, it is important to be wary of the hemp-only gummies since they may not have an effect on users who suffer from anxiety.


One of the first steps in making CBD gummies is to extract the natural compounds from the marijuana plants through a process called washing. This process allows those making the gummies to extract specific compounds while eliminating waste in their facility. The next step involves creating a tincture that can be put into the CBD gummies. Some tinctures are infused with full plant extract while others involve making a CBD oil.

Quality Assurance

Even the best CBD gummies for anxiety made by some companies will not be helpful if they do not follow safety and quality assurance protocols. Many of these companies use third party labs to test their products so they know exactly how much CBD is inside each serving. The quality and consistency of the gummies can also be affected by how they are stored after they are produced. Storing them in a cool, dry place that is free from moisture and light can help ensure their freshness.


CBD gummies typically cost between $0.86 and $1.54 per serving. Some companies use natural ingredients and others make theirs using a combination of hemp-derived CBD oil or full plant hemp extract with other proprietary CBD ingredients to make their products. Checking the amount of CBD in each product can help consumers know if it is worth their money. However, those who are allergic to honey or peanut butter may want to avoid these products that include these types of flavors.

Where to Get CBD Gummies

If you have a condition that you would like to treat with CBD gummies, there are several places where you can find them in stores near you. Many health food stores, smoke shops and dispensaries carry CBD gummies that can be purchased legally in all states. You can find CBD products online too since many companies specializing in gummy bears sell them on their websites, and the price is often lower than what you would pay at a physical shop.

Final Verdict

The best CBD gummies for anxiety are the ones that include flavors such as chocolate and peanut butter to help mask the hemp-like flavor of CBD. They are also beneficial to those who have preexisting allergies or sensitivities to these flavors because they will help them get better sleep at night, experience more relaxation during the day and reduce their paranoia regarding public spaces.