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Introducing Soberlink, the leading alcohol detection breathalyzer

Maria J. Eubank January 26, 2023


Recovering alcoholics may get support staying sober with the use of a gadget called Soberlink and an associated software. It’s often utilized by those in recoveries or by individuals who have been ordered by a court or employer to abstain from alcohol. This article will discuss the pros and cons of Soberlink and user feedback.

Soberlink… what is it?

Using fuel cell technology, the Soberlink handheld breathalyzer provides reliable readings of BAC (BAC). The fact that it is portable and unobtrusive makes it ideal for usage in any setting. The results of the BAC tests are recorded and stored in an app on the user’s smartphone, making it possible to monitor the user’s progress over time.

Exactly how does Soberlink function?

Simply blowing into the gadget for a few seconds activates Soberlink. The BAC reading is then sent over Bluetooth from the gadget to the mobile app. The data is saved and shown on a graph so the user may see their development over time.

The gadget will notify the user’s supervisors (e.g., a court or employer) and the app if the user’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over a specified threshold. Either the user or their manager (or both) may be selected to receive the alert.

Devices that measure blood alcohol content may help people exert more self-control.

People often have some inkling before they completely lose it. Having a BAC check planned in advance might help someone resist temptation earlier in the day. Because of this, they may be better able to forego using altogether. 

Having that vantage point may lead to a whole new level of empowerment, one that comes from a greater understanding of who you are and how you fit into the world.

Interaction with Other People

This has occurred in beta versions. A person in recovery may show their loved ones that they are serious about their sobriety by regularly testing their breathalyzer.

The empirical evidence this facilitates is powerful and essential to restoring faith.

Feedback from those who have used Soberlink

Generally speaking, those who have used Soberlink have given it a favorable evaluation. Many people have said that the device’s precision and portability have been important in their ability to remain sober and responsible. Some users claim the gadget was important in their journeys to recovery by allowing them to regain the confidence of their loved ones and the workplace.

However, some customers have complained about technical difficulties, such as the app not connecting correctly or the gadget being difficult to use. It has been pointed out that the gadget might be pricey, particularly if it is needed for a long time. However, most people who have given reviews about Soberlink have nothing but praise.