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Is Scalp Micropigmentation permanent Treatment?

Wayne Whitehurst October 27, 2021

Micropigmentationof the scalp is a form of permanent cosmetics, just like microblading or permanent make-up. However, depending on your lifestyle, scalp micropigmentation may require a touch-up after around 3 to 7 years. The procedure will fade, but sun exposure is one of the biggest factors. The more the scalp is exposed to the sun and other UV rays, the faster the treatment will fade.

Other factors such as your immune system, the type of pigment used, and the quality of the original procedure also play a role in determining the duration of scalp micro-pigmentation. It is important to take care of and protect your scalp after the procedure so that the treatment lasts for a long time without discoloring.

Some people also choose to retouch their scalp micro-pigmentation to change the shape of the hairline, side profiles, or to try a new look. Touch-ups arent made just because it’s faded!

Is scalp micropigmentation permanent?

Yes, micro-pigmentation is technically permanent, although it may fade over time. It’s a cosmetic treatment that works like a tattoo (more on that in a moment). It could be the solution to long-term hair loss you have been looking for!

Although, as mentioned earlier, this treatment can go away over time for a variety of reasons, it will never go away completely. Regular touch-ups are recommended to keep the scalp-micro pigmentation in tip-top shape.

While this process is permanent, it doesn’t mean you can’t change the way you look! Many people return after several years to upgrade and change their appearance, there is still a lot of flexibility in this permanent solution.

How often would you need rework?

It largely depends on the speed at which your coloring is fading. Some people feel the need for improvements after three years. While most get their touch-ups after 67 years. Atouch-up can greatly enhance your new look, or you can do a touch-up if you want to increase density or cover more area.

If you want to protect the micro-pigmentation on your scalp so it doesn’t fade quickly, you need to protect your scalp from sun or UV rays,use sunscreen when going out, avoid tanning beds, etc.


From the discussion above it is clear that scalp micro pigmentation is an almost permanent method that lasts for a long time. So, think about it before you go for scalp micropigmentation. Because if for some it is a life-changing experience, some may want to step back after a period of time, so it is only wise to think carefully before making this decision that would have to be a long life with it.