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Metal Braces Still a Popular Choice Among Purists

Wayne Whitehurst July 14, 2020

There are different braces that you can use as you are trying to align teeth. There are recent inventions of the clear braces and Invisalign that are not visible and achieve the same purpose of aligning teeth. The purists prefer the metal braces even though they are visible in your mouth. The reasons why the purists still go for the metal braces are;


The metal braces are way more effective compared to other aligners. The metal braces still trusted by orthodontists can align teeth within shorter periods. The orthodontists take extensive training on the mechanics of how the braces work.

The training enables the orthodontist to monitor the movements of the teeth. The orthodontist controls how the teeth move; hence the result is to your liking, and the teeth recover from misalignment.


The new methods of alignment are expensive due to the property of not being visible. Purists prefer to minimize the cost instead of hiding the aligners. The metal braces are the cheapest method of aligning teeth hence making them still be a popular choice among many people. The purists consider getting the clear aligners as waste of money; hence opt for the traditional braces.

Dental anxiety

Some purists do not want to try the new methods of aligning teeth in the mouth. The purists are those who suffer dental panics and anxiety when advised to use aligners such as Invisalign.

The anxiety leads to the consistent choice of the traditional metal braces that date back to a long time ago. Some people are slow to accept change and prefer to stick to old habits. In the alignment of teeth, such people will always choose metal braces.

Minimal risk of loss

The purists, in most cases, are older people. As one grows old, one tends to forget, and misplacing of vital things can happen. The older adults prefer metal braces as they are difficult to lose. The other types of aligners, however, are easy to misplace as they are easy to remove.

Misplacement of aligners means added costs of aligning the teeth. As soon as the dentist inserts the metal brace on your teeth, the metal brace will remain there until it is replaced; hence it can never be misplaced.

Development of the metal braces

The metal braces are now more comfortable to use, and they can last longer. The developments have made them be a popular choice among many purists. The braces can now last for about 8-10 weeks before they require to be replaced.

Metal braces are now better looking with the availability of many colors that one can choose from and use. The purists prefer braces as they can choose from a variety of colors.

Bottom Line

The metal braces are still a popular choice among purists despite their visibility and the effect on the appearance of the mouth. The metalbraces are useful, and with the recent technological advances, the metal braces are more comfortable to use. Despite the clear braces and Invisalign’s inventions, the metal braces will still be in use for quite some time.