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N95 Masks Can Be Worn For 3 Days without Contamination

Wayne Whitehurst December 23, 2020

At present, including the WHO on the N95 mask the best time to wear has not been clearly concluded, the N95 mask after use of the preservation conditions put forward requirements (indicating that it can be made again, but there is no regulation of the mask use time. Some medical institutions recommend replacing one for every 4 hours, some literature studies recommend 2d, while others wear it for months, and some make it clear that N95 masks can be reused. The study found that N95 mask wearing 2 days, filtration efficiency remained above 95%, breathing resistance changes little; 7%, still meeting euro standard EN149:2001-FFP2 requirements; Under the test conditions, the volunteers wore it continuously within 4 hours, simulating the environment in which medical personnel needed to use it continuously in an emergency. In practice, most of them are worn only in contact with the patient, and the intensity of use is much lower than the experimental conditions. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to wear 3 days on an N95 mask.

The above mask usage time is the test results under normal conditions of use, medical protective masks should be replaced immediately in the case of contamination, moisture and damage, and should be shortened in high-risk environments. GIKO N95 masks performed well.

The cost-effectiveness of wearing a mask is also an important factor in the time it takes to wear it. The N95 medical protective mask is currently on the N95 Wholesale market for about USD $1.50 – $5.00 per mask. In terms of cost-effectiveness and safety, two can be used five working days a week during the outbreak (if not contaminated, wet and damaged); In short, N95 mask filtration efficiency is much higher than gauze mask and surgical mask, and can be used for a long time, can be widely used in respiratory-borne disease infection control.