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Nose Plastic Surgery – What Should You Know

Wayne Whitehurst October 7, 2020

If you are planning to get a nose job done, do not jump at the first surgeon that comes your way. Like everything you buy in the market, you need to research well as if a nose job goes wrong; you need to live with it for the rest of your life. Most important, you must know why you want a nose job done and ensure that the surgeon who does it for you has experience and reputation in the market.

Nose plastic surgery have realistic expectations

When you decide to go in for a nose plastic surgery, you must have realistic expectations. It is here that you must visit a good surgeon with positive reviews in the market and take a look at the before and after pictures of his or her previous work.

Your nose job needs to be done, keeping the shape of your face and chin in mind. There are some cases where you might have to go in for chin augmentation to ensure the nose sits well with the other features of your face. This is an area you must consider before you go in for a nose job.

Costs of the surgery

The surgery costs will also determine your decision when it comes to the choice of clinic and surgeon. The surgery costs, the anesthesia costs, the post-surgical care costs, and more will affect your decision. So, first, know these costs and compare them with other reliable clinics so that you can bag good deals.

Does the surgery hurt?

This is a general question that most people ask themselves when it comes to plastic surgery of the nose. During the surgery, the area is numb as you will not feel a thing due to the anesthesia’s effects. However, when you are recovering from the surgery, it is normal for you to experience some kind of bruising and inflammation in the region.

There can be some minor bleeding as well from your nose. As for the pain, there is some mild discomfort. This can be due to congestion.

After you wake up from the operation, you will experience your nose being plugged up making you breathe via your mouth.  There is no need for you to worry as this is like having nasal congestion. It just lasts for some days.

You might experience some issues when it comes to smell, and there can be a feeling of pressure in your temples or ears. There can be some tenderness and pain in the region. Some patients suffer from a dry throat and lips. Your surgeon will give you medicines for these issues.

Therefore, when you go in for a nose plastic surgery, ensure you stay hydrated before the procedure. Rest is crucial after the surgery is over, as it will help you to recover faster. If you are anxious, make sure you book a consultation session with your surgeon to address all your concerns and remove worries with success.