Swine Flu (H1N1) Causes And Protection

Swine Flu H1N1

Preventive Measures Against Swine Flu (H1N1) And Major Casues. Definition of swine flu. The H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) is a new flu virus strain. That is causing illnesses in humans worldwide. In June 2009, the world Health Organization declared a worldwide swine flu pandemic. Alternative Names. Swine Flu; Influenza A. …

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skin tips

BETTER SKIN TIPS COMMON QUESTIONS AND THEIR ANSWERS Why is oiling important for your skin? How do you feel if you have dry skin? What causes/aggravates dry skin? How to look after your skin? Which moisturizers to use? Which soaps are best for your skin? Which soaps are harmful to …

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Poor diet a factor to death in one in five deaths

Poor Diet A Factor To Death

Poor diet a factor to death in one in five deaths, global disease study reveals Less than stellar eating routine is a factor in one out of five passing around the globe, as per the most thorough investigation at any point completed regarding the matter.   A large number of …

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Signs Of Acute liver failure

Liver failure

Signs Of Acute liver failure Cause & Prevention Acute liver failure happens when liver quits working quickly in days or weeks more often than not in a man who has no previous liver disease. Acute liver failure is less normal than chronic liver disease, which grows gradually. This is also …

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The Ultimate Revelation Of Throat Cancer.

throat cancer

DEFINITION Throat cancer identified as cancerous tumors that are developed in one’s throat (pharynx), voice box (larynx) or tonsils. The throat is a tube of muscles starting from a nose and ends in a neck. Voice box sits just below the throat and is also wide open to throat cancer.Larynx …

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