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Pediatric Dentist vs. Family Dentist in Michigan – Whom to Choose for Your Child?

Gladys V. Smith August 22, 2023

If you are planning to take your child to a dentist, you might be wondering whether to choose a family or a pediatric dentist. Reading this post will help you decide whether to visit a pediatric or a family dentist for your child. A pediatric dentist is a specialist in treating children’s dental issues. Pediatric dentists are more trained professionals compared to family dentists. 

In fact, they spend 2 to 3 years more to know about the ways to treat the children after completing their regular dental training. A family dentist can treat the dental issues of all age groups. For more complex dental issues, a family dentist may refer you to a specialist. In Michigan, you can find family dentists with special skills. For pediatric or family dentistry in Shelby Township, you could approach the team of  William G. Ziecina, D.D.S.

Below are some reasons why most parents prefer to take their children to a pediatric dentist. 

  • Most children experience anxiety when they hear about their dental appointment. A pediatric dentist can calm down this anxiety. During your appointment, a pediatric dentist will make your child feel comfortable. The dentist will make dental treatments painless for your child by using various techniques.
  • Most pediatric dentists will teach your children how to brush their teeth properly to prevent dental problems. 
  • One common complaint that we commonly hear from most parents is teeth grinding and thumb sucking. A pediatric dentist suggests the best ways to stop your child from doing this. 
  • Most reputed pediatric dentists arrange their clinics in an interesting way with different toys and paintings. Some pediatric dentists even play music for your kids.
  • Pediatric dentists do dental cleaning for your child. As a result, the teeth of your child will remain clean. 

After taking your children to a pediatric dentist, you will see a great difference in their oral habits. Choosing a family dentist will also be beneficial. When you choose a family dentist, your entire family can go for dental check-ups and teeth cleaning. This can save you time. Whether you want to choose a family dentist or a pediatric dentist, it completely depends on your requirement. 

Most pediatric and family dentists are allowing their patients to book appointments online through their website. Do read the patient reviews before taking the appointment to get an idea about their treatment.