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The benefits of laser stretch mark removal techniques

Wayne Whitehurst June 17, 2021

Stretch marks often appear as parallel or bands of lines on the skin’s surface. The major areas where stretch marks can appear on your body are the buttocks, thighs, and upper arms. Although they are harmless, they look untidy on the skin. So, people often get frustrated due to their appearance and are always willing to get them removed. Stretch marks can often be observed on a woman’s skin. When surfaces on your skin stretch extensively during a short period, these noticeable lines become visible on your skin’s surface. These lines often stem out from sudden weight loss, puberty, and during pregnancy.

What are the causes of stretch marks?

Although the reasons behind stretch marks aren’t known, a lateral stretch along with other hormonal factors resulting from the increased size of certain areas are seen as the major cause. Besides, stretch marks are caused due to the defragmentation of structures that can offer elasticity and strength to the skin. Compared to men, stretch marks are more common in men while influencing a majority of pregnant women. Stretch marks are common in people who have gained weight rapidly or bodybuilders. The occurrence of stretchmarks is associated with a rapid decrease or increase in body weight and obesity. Sometimes even normal growth can give rise to stretch marks that occur during adolescence. In a few individuals, stretchmarks can stem from excessive steroid hormones resulting from Cushing’s disease or steroid medications.

Benefits of stretch mark removal laser treatment

The treatment is done with the help of an Icon 1540 fractional laser. The fractional laser light’s pulses are deployed to defragment the stretch marks. Consequently, this can trigger the production of new tissues at the site while improving the stretch mark’s color. The new collagen can make the texture of the stretch mark smooth. With the help of this treatment, you can get better-looking and smooth skin without painful surgery. The treatment doesn’t require any downtime. The treatment sessions are comfortable, and they can enhance your skin’s appearance. Besides, the treatment comes with little to no side effects.

Ultherapy treatment in Sydney uses the power and mechanism of ultrasound for face lifting and skin tightening. The non-invasive and high-intensity focused ultrasound targets deep tissue on the body or face. Consequently, this can ensure body and face contouring along with lifting and tightening. It is a non-surgical body contouring and faces lifting process which can be done without liposuction or surgery.

What are the advantages of Ultherapy?

  • This treatment is proven scientifically
  • stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen
  • Offers a lift that’ll last for more than a year
  • The treatment requires only sixty to ninety minutes
  • There’s no downtime
  • It is highly effective for tanned and dark skin types.

Ultherapy encompasses the energy and mechanism of ultrasound to enhance your chin, brow, chest, and neck. In the medical field, ultrasound has been used safely and effectively for over fifty years. Unlike surgery, radiofrequency, lasers, or similar technologies, Ultherapy can enter the skin’s surface for delivering the ultrasound energy in the right proportion and temperature. This energy can trigger a natural response beneath the skin, enhancing the regeneration process to produce new and fresh collagen.

The acne scar laser treatment Sydney uses fine and microlaser light that can penetrate within the sub-layers of your skin.