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Tips Of Get over Your Ex and Regain Your Mental Health

Wayne Whitehurst June 16, 2021

Breakups are hard, especially if you find it difficult to move on in life. So many feelings will surface together and it becomes very difficult to deal with your day-to-day activities. Breakups will take a toll on your mental or psychological health. You might end up cocooning yourself in your room, getting into depression, or having anxiety attacks. 

Whether it’s you or your friend who’s having a tough time going through a breakup, taking proper professional help is the best way to deal with it. Patrick Wanis is a behavior expert who has helped many to cope with breakups and start leading a happy life. The expert can help you understand the different stages of breakup and maintain mental health. Visit their webpage to know more. 

How Avoid Mental Health Breakdown after Your Breakup

Breakups can affect your brain. Mental disorders can further cause life-threatening diseases or make you suicidal. Therefore, you must maintain your psychological as well as physical health. Following are some key things to do: 


Isolate yourself from your ex-partner to get over the pain of a sudden breakup. Instead of trying to get in contact with your ex-partner, it is suggested to cut all ties completely with your ex and everyone related to him or her. It is also better to delete their contact info. 

Change the way you think

Our mental health depends a lot on the thoughts that linger in our minds. Although change is difficult, one needs to reframe from negative thoughts to positive ones. This will gradually make you much happier. 


Indulge yourself in the activities that are organized by your family members and friends. Instead of maintaining distance from the world, it is suggested to stay around your family and friends and everyone else that you love spending time with. You could also choose to talk to your near and dear ones about your breakup and the emotions that you are going through. It will surely make you feel much lighter. 


Some people overeat while depressed or sad and end up binging on ice creams, chocolates, and so on. Instead, it is suggested you eat healthy food. Breakup is just another phase in the journey of your life. You’ll sail through it. Walking for 30 minutes every day can calm your brain and soothe your mind.

Get Rid Of 

A relationship includes many things such as spending time together and exchange of gifts. Get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex-partner. Toss every gift that he or she has given to you or the gifts that you gave and are returned to you. Delete the photos, messages, and everything else that reminds you of your ex-partner. 


Life is more than just a relationship. Look for the activities that make you feel happy or relaxed and embrace such activities. Look at what makes you happy and enjoy doing them. 

Everyone suffers from a breakup at one or another time in their life. It is not the end of the world. Instead of looking for alternatives to cope with pain and falling into the clutches of alcohol or drug addiction, it is suggested to look for healthy ways to deal with the problem.