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Treating Stiff Neck And Painful Shoulders Through A Massager

Wayne Whitehurst October 21, 2020

Massage is one of the first treatments that a person will think about when experiencing severe neck and shoulder pains. A stiff neck and painful shoulders can be frustrating but don’t panic. Fortunately, there is a neck massager that can relieve neck and shoulder pain and improve their mobility. 

Many people have experienced the inconvenience of a stiff neck when they wake up in the morning. There are also instances when pain in the neck and shoulders has developed later in the day after a strenuous activity like moving furniture. In most cases, the pain and stiffness will go away within a few days, but for instant relief, the best option is a neck and shoulder massager.

The pain of a stiff neck usually varies in intensity from an annoying discomfort to extreme pain that is sharp and limiting. Attempting to turn a stiff neck to a certain side or direction is very difficult because of so much pain that the movement must be stopped immediately. 

Common everyday activities that cause a stiff neck 

  • When the neck is in the wrong position while sleeping
  • Sports injuries, falling or a sudden impact that pushes the head to the side
  • When the head is turned side to side repeatedly during an activity like swimming
  • Slouching in front of the computer monitor or looking down at the mobile phone for prolonged periods of time
  • Excessive stress and anxiety that results in tension on the neck
  • Holding the neck in an unnatural position like cradling the phone between the neck and shoulder for long periods of time 
  • Poor posture

When the pain of a stiff neck becomes more severe, it leads to a sensation on the neck called frozen in place. The movement will be limited to significantly affect the quality of daily activities. Massage therapy is a good approach to treating neck stiffness. 

How to use a neck massager

It is not difficult to use a neck massager because there are adjustable speeds and other settings to customize the massage program. You can use a massager for as long as you like because there are no side effects to worry about. Aside from boosting your mood, a neck massager can improve blood circulation and the immune system. Neck massagers can be used by anyone even those who are not experiencing pain because it provides deep tissue relaxation. However, there is no specific massager that will work magically on all the body spots. Your choice will depend on how, where, and how you will use the device. 

There are many different types of massages but more recently, massage therapy is being administered through devices like the neck and shoulder massager. The neck massager is a portable device that you can carry anywhere with ease. It guarantees quality results in relieving the pain on the neck and shoulders instantly. There are neck and shoulder massagers with advanced features like silicone grade adjustable straps, different rotation modes to customize the massage, and an LCD interface that is easy to use.