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Washing off Makeup in the Evening is an Important Nighttime Habit to Have 

Wayne Whitehurst June 22, 2021

Even though you’ve been repeatedly instructed to remove all of your makeup before going to bed, you can simply find yourself unable to do it. While I must confess that I’ve made a point of having sex with a full face of makeup on, Waking up the following morning to a gigantic zit on my face has taught me how important it is to thoroughly clean my face each night. What’s really nasty is that makeup comes off in your skin if you don’t remove it before going to bed!

The things you should bear in mind while you leave your makeup on include:

  • The pores in your skin will become clogged and you will breakout.
  • You will have a dull complexion.
  • You’ll look older because of it
  • Your skin will feel dry and rough.
  • Your skin will be irritated.
  • Getting eye infections is a risk.
  • You will break out because your pores will be blocked

Your makeup is like a magnet that collects pollutants, oils, debris, and dead skin cells throughout the day. Exposing your skin to germs, blocked pores, breakouts, and blackheads all night long is like welcoming all those problems into your life. Even if you apply non-comedogenic makeup, your pores might still clog if makeup is left on overnight. When it comes to huge pores, you should definitely avoid sleeping in makeup. The pores seem wider if dirt or cosmetics have been left in them. 

  • If your complexion seems dull, it will fade

A person who stays in makeup while sleeping may be preventing the skin from naturally shedding or exfoliating. Coffee grounds and dead skin cells act as a barrier that traps dirt and dead skin cells on the skin’s surface overnight, leading to rough, dull, and lacklustre skin. This might cause us to use even more makeup on the following day to try to get our glow back by using bronzer or contouring. Set out to destroy the cycle!

  • Your skin will seem several years older

Throughout the night, our skin works to heal any damage it may have sustained during the day. If you do not remove your makeup, you’ll look older since skin coupled with dirt and pollution produces chemicals that interfere with the skin’s nightly renewal process. In addition to all of this, this may lead to accelerated ageing. Collagen breakdown may also occur. Your skin loses firmness and may age quicker than it is meant to when collagen isn’t being created correctly.

  • When your skin looks and feels dry, use these products to maintain it

Skincare products won’t sink in if makeup residue remains on the skin. Removing all your makeup would prevent any of your evening routine’s helpful components from getting into your skin. When applying moisturiser, always ensure that all of your makeup has been removed before proceeding to the next step in your skincare regimen.

  • You will become red on the skin

It is not uncommon for makeup to incorporate skin-irritating substances like colours and fragrances. It causes inflammation, irritation, and redness when kept on the skin for lengthy periods of time. Also, this is because it is human nature to mask problems, therefore the following day, cosmetics will be applied in an attempt to cover it up. Know and protect your skin from such unhealthy habits by checking out Kelly’s Thoughts on Things.

  • You run the risk of getting eye infections

Touching your eyes while you’re wearing eye makeup may lead to eye infections and discomfort. A style may occur from the build-up of mascara in your eyelash glands and block those glands, causing the hairs to swell and become red. Don’t neglect your eyelids, since they are exceedingly thin and delicate. Now you can see various websites that guide you through this topic Kellys ThoughtsonThings.