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What is meant by gravity water bong?

Wayne Whitehurst December 23, 2022

A gravity bong is a type of marijuana consumption apparatus that uses empty plastic bottles to push smoke into the lungs of its users. It is also referred to as a gravity pipe or geeb. A gravity bong is a device that submerges a small bottle containing a bowl of marijuana inside a larger bucket or bottle of water. While the cannabis is being lit, slowly draw the bottle from the water to release the smoke. To use the bottle, open its lid and place your mouth over its opening. Press the bottle down to push the smoke into your lungs.If you are new to using marijuana or have low tolerance, gravity bongs might not be the right choice for you.

However, for advanced users, making a gravity water bong is a fun and easy project that can help you deliver a potent and fast smoke. You can also buy gravity pipes to add to your collection. Although studies are still being conducted on the effects of this type of exposure on the health of users, it’s still important to note that gravity smoking devices are not designed to be made out of plastic. 

What you will need for a gravity water bong?

In order to build a gravity water bong, you will require the following things such as:

  • Water
  • Box or scissor cutter
  • Empty plastic water bottle
  • Down steam and bowl or substitute aluminum foil 

Steps to make gravity water bong

Make your gravity water bong 

To create a hole in the bottle’s bottom, cut a small hole in it. This should be big enough to allow the liquids to flow out easily, but small enough that the finger can cover it.

Make a bowl 

A bowl can be made using aluminum foil. To create a slightly round bowl shape, fold the foil over the top of the bottle. Using your fingertips, you just press down on the foil to create a slight outline. You can also use toothpicks, paper clips, or other tools to poke small holes in the foil.

Fill a bottle with water

After removing the bowl and down stem combination, fill the bottle with water. Now, use your finger to cover the hole in the bottle’s bottom.

Get ready to smoke

To avoid spilled liquids, hold the gravity water bong over the hole with your finger. Place the bowl and down stem combination back inside the bottle and pack it with marijuana.