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7 Tips to Cheat Hereditary Diabetes

Wayne Whitehurst June 22, 2019

Does your family have a history of diabetes over generations? Then chances are high that you might be affected by the malicious disease that begins with the rising sugar levels in blood and ends with either blinding you or jeopardizing the kidneys’ functions. The type 2 diabetes affected people have to deal with regular shots of insulin which helps in controlling the sugar levels. At times, they succumb to the rising rate of blood sugar level and die from a cardiac arrest or multiple organ failure.

So, you can cheat hereditary diabetes by trying a few hacks

Start with plant-based & low-calorie diet

If you’re not ready for the dreadful consequences of diabetes, you should start protecting yourself and your family from an early time. Begin with adding more plant-based food in your meals. Try to stick to low-calorie diet that can add tofu, fish, lots of fresh leafy vegetables, and chicken to your diet so that you can control the calorie count in your body.

Drink sufficient water

Fluids help in hydrating as well as flushing out the toxics from body. Therefore, cut off the sugary juices or lemonades and drink plain water considering the body weight of yours. Drinking sufficient water reduces the chances of diabetes and different other chronic diseases besides preserving the health.

Body weight control

Maintaining the body weight considering the BMR is mandatory to not only preventing diabetes but also to stay protected from various diseases from high-blood pressure, cholesterol, hyper tension and so on.

Regular fitness

Regular workout activity is mandatory to maintain your fitness and balance the blood sugar levels in your body. Start with an hour of regular brisk walking or 10 rounds of breaststroke on the waters. Cardio exercises help in increasing the lean muscles along with fighting the signs of hereditary diseases by busting the ill-effects of calories nested in human bodies.

Track your diabetes

You can visit the doctor for a regular checkup. You can also buy a diabetic monitoring device and keep checking the blood-sugar levels at certain intervals as referred to you by your doctor.

A healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. It should include healthy eating, regular 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, good thinking etc.

Cut off sweets, soft drinks, and alcohol

When you’re ready to take do anything to prevent hereditary diabetes then you should stop the sugar intake in your cups of tea or coffee. Stop having soft drinks and lower the regular alcohol consumption to resist diabetes.