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Benefits of orthognathic surgeries in resolving  jaw alignment problems

Wayne Whitehurst January 27, 2020

Your face is your identity but it is challenged in many ways. One of the most apparent and tough ways is to have disorder in the structure of the face. Some people are born with defects in their facial structure while others can acquire these due to some unfortunate happening. In either case,  Orthognathic surgery, better known as jaw surgery, can be of great help. It is a procedure that is aimed at correcting and enhancing facial structure. The procedure of orthognathic surgery is a compound treatment process that addresses the issues related to orthodontics, dental, and skeleton.

  • About orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a compound term. Several techniques including cutting and realigning bones, placing plates and screws, etc are used. Orthognathic surgeries can resolve numerous issues like irregular bites, excessive teeth breakdown, jaw closure issues, facial imbalance, birth defects, etc. It is broadly classified as the upper jaw, lower jaw, and chin surgery based on the kind and location of the problem.

  • Benefits of the surgery

Orthognathic surgery reduces pain and helps you eat without any discomfort. It also boosts your confidence by improving your appearance. Here are some benefits of the jaw surgery which you can expect from orthognathic surgery.

  • Relief from pain

You might be living with jaw pain that is severe and interferes with their daily life. You can experience constant pain and inflammation that highly impact your teeth and jawbones and cause unnecessary wearing. Orthognathic surgery can adjust the size and positioning of the jawbones and provide remarkable relief from pain and strain you were feeling in the structure due to misalignment.

  • Proper eating pattern

As it makes eating difficult, you tend to deviate from a regular eating pattern. It affects your diet and can cause issues related to nutrition. When the facial and dental structure is adjusted with the surgery, you are able to eat properly. It brings mental peace and regularizes your eating pattern.

  • Chewing becomes easy

Improper alignment of teeth can cause difficulty in chewing and swallowing food. Although the problem can be resolved by using braces sometimes it is severe and needs surgical rectification. The surgery can surprisingly reduce the difficulty and give you a pleasant experience in life.

  • Benefits to teeth

Irregular jaw and teeth alignment cause a significant impact on your teeth to wear out early. It is because the pressure while eating can not be spread uniformly due to improper bite. Some teeth which take more pressure regularly wear out. After the rectification surgery, the pressure can be deligated to all the teeth properly and reduce the problem.

  • Improved speech

If you have any speech impairments, improper alignment of jaws can be one of the reasons. Orthognathic surgery can resolve the issue to a great extent and enhance your confidence with better speech. It can also rectify the speech issues that you experience due to birth defects.

  • Enhanced aesthetics

Oftentimes issues related to the facial structure can make you look strange. This can also take a toll on your social life. Orthognathic surgery helps in regaining the confidence by fixing these structural issues. The surgery can enhance your aesthetics like never before.