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Choose to Be Healthy, Enroll in a CrossFit Los Angeles Box Now!

Wayne Whitehurst October 12, 2019


CrossFit Los Angeles boxes have been making rounds because of the impact that CrossFit exercise is giving to the physical fitness world. If you have not yet heard of CrossFit, the basic things that you should know are words like “Boxes” which refer to CrossFit gyms, and “WODs” refer to workouts of the day. 

If you are curious about the CrossFit exercise, you can ask your friend who is enrolled in CrossFit Los Angeles boxes so that you can hear about their impression on this type of fitness program. So, if you will hear it for the first time, you may think that it is intimidating or might even think that CrossFit is just another one of those fitness fads. But, the truth of the matter is CrossFit exercise has a lot to offer and it is definitely here for the long run..

Reasons For Becoming a CrossFit Los Angeles Enthusiast

Reason No. 1 – It is convenient

If you have arrived to make changes of your life an get started with your fitness journey, you might find yourself struggling with the decision as to whether to enroll in a gym or just invest in a home fitness studio or hire a personal trainer. When you choose CrossFit, this exercise will give you some of the benefits of all these three. 

When you enroll in CrossFit Boxes, it will offer you with all of the needed equipment for a diverse all-around workout. Unlike public gyms, you will no longer have to figure that equipment on your own. You are well-guided during CrossFit classes because they already have competent coaches who will help you with your journey. And with their skill support, you will have someone who will assist you with the correct form and also in the prevention of injuries. 

With CrossFit classes, there are already pre-planned workouts in place thus, you will no longer have to worry or think about your own fitness program. CrossFit boxes are typically serving small groups that train regularly, and thus, you will be able to have a more tailored program than just trying on an online fitness program or gym workout. What makes CrossFit boxes even better is because of its group structure, this will mean that you will get the huge attention of a personal trainer but you are just paying for a fraction of the price. However, if you feel like you just want to train at home because of the convenience and privacy, you can also choose to do CrossFit too. This is because most of the CrossFit boxes run in very small groups, so you will not have to work out in front of many people. 

Most of these CrossFit boxes also offer classes and groups from early hour to late hours in the evening thus giving you a flexible time and days that will be compatible with your routine.  

Reason No. 2 – You will become stronger

One of the foundations of CrossFit is strength training. Even not every workout is lifting a weight, you can still expect to be familiar with free weights and the different lifting techniques. The CrossFit exercise is not just about bulking up because it is more subtle than just obtaining huge biceps. 

CrossFit’s strength program is designed to help in making you toned and strong. Thus, positive results are highly attainable, thus helping you to look good, and if your main goal is to lose weight, then muscle tone improvement will certainly be of help too

CrossFit’s strength training is using a variable, and all-around program that is based on a few basic movements, thus you will not have to worry about having to learn a lot of new skills.

CrossFit exercise is also about all-around functional fitness. The reason is that aside from the strength training that it provides, you are not just going to be stronger and fitter, it will also help you with the prevention from injuries from other sports and activities. 

Reason No. 3 – You will be physically fit

Now that you already know that CrossFit exercise is not just about lifting a weight and most of its workouts follow the premise of high-intensity interval training model, that is, where you will need to work hard for short periods and then combine it with the rest. 

When doing the CrossFit, there will be days that will be allocated as strength days wherein your workout of the day is principally focused on lifting heavy and lifting it correctly, and there are also other days wherein the workout of the day is going to be very different. 

Tougher cardio workouts will be introduced during high-intensity days and it is even more fun than just having to run on a treadmill or by just joining a spin class. The best thing about this is that you will also be able to get a serious workout with just a shorter amount of time. 

CrossFit exercise is priding itself on the combination of cardio benefits of high-intensity interval training, together with the strength training for maximum benefits. Your cardio workout of the might make you pull tires, or carry sandbags or jump onto boxes or throw weighted balls. You may have shied away from cardio workouts because you are doubting yourself, but, on the one hand, you still want to get fit, then CrossFit might be perfect for you 

Reason No. 4 – Your body flexibility will improve

The schedule that you are taking for your CrossFit classes, you will not have to worry when you see that most of your classes are only approximately an hour because the class is going to begin and finish with a very carefully designed program of warm-up and cool down which will protect your muscles and joints thereby preventing injury to your muscles.

Reason No. 5 – Doing CrossFit is fun

CrossFit workouts involve a variety of activities which makes it all the more fun. This is because CrossFit is not the kind of program where you just turn up and just do the same workout repeatedly, or by just letting you run on a treadmill. CrossFit involves a lot of activities that will make sure that you will never get bored.