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Everything you need to know about maintaining a good body posture

Wayne Whitehurst December 9, 2019


In order to get a good posture, you need to train your body to walk, sit, lie in a position that causes the least possible amount of stress on the supporting muscles and ligaments in the back. The population which has physical work and involves moving around generally has fewer issues with the spine. The section of people who spend around nine to twelve hours in offices spends most of the time working at a desk. Doctors and therapists who have to analyze scans and do detailed work also spend a lot of time in the chair. This means a lot of slouching and bad postures in the chair. Sometimes the chairs are also not comfortable and can’t be changed according to our needs which again makes us compose a posture most comfortable to us. This posture might feel good for a particular period of time but it will cause harm to our spine in the long run. This is where Forme Medical comes to your rescue. You can talk to Forme Medical consultant about your needs and get a customized chair that suits you. 

Issues caused by bad postures

If you spend a lot of time at desk jobs sitting in improper positions, it might lead to a series of serious health problems. It can cause you back pain. It can also tense the shoulder muscles which can cause pain in shoulder panes. It can harm the ligaments and soft tissues at the back. It can also cause tears in the joints. It can cause indigestion related issues. It can also cause nerve restriction. It can cause increased stress and strain. It can also lead to body fatigue. Slouching also affects your blood circulation which in turn can be very bad for health. Bad posture becomes habitual with time and in some worst cases, it can actually change the shape of the spine. This can lead to pain and discomfort in all day to day activities. You might need surgeries to improve the condition. Therefore it’s better to take precautions and not to let yourself fall into the habit of slouching. Let’s have a look at few pointers on how to correct our postures.

How to correct posture 

In order to maintain correct posture try to follow a few pointers. Keep your shoulder straight, back and relaxed. Keep your abdomen part pulled in. Keep your feet about heap distance apart to maintain good posture. Don’t put pressure on a single foot, try to evenly distribute the weight equally on both feet. Do not keep sitting in the same position for a long period of time. Stand up and do some desk exercises like rotate your neck, pull up your shoulder, touch your feet. Try to move for at least five minutes each hour. It will feel awkward while trying to keep the posture in check at the beginning but it will be very helpful later. Correct posture solves a lot of issues in our bodies.