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The True Causes behind Hair Loss 

Wayne Whitehurst November 18, 2019

Premature or abnormal hair loss is a problem that affects people from all generations today. Up to a hundred strands a day is considered normal hair fall by doctors, but above that count, continued hair loss can lead to baldness, thinning and hairline recession. So, what exactly causes hair loss? Are the causes same for men and women? What about people of different age groups? Do they also lose hair for the same reasons? 

There are countless questions surrounding the subject of hair loss. Today, we will explore the causality by delving deeper into roots of hair loss. 


To understand the true causes of hair loss, one must know that hair loss is not a syndrome by itself. It is merely the symptom of an underlying condition. Often that cause is hereditary. Both male and female pattern baldness have been proven to be hereditary. When genetic, balding happens in a predictable manner. Hair falls out at a gradual but steady rate. It gets worse with age. In men it starts with recession of the hairline and in women, with hair thinning. 

Hormonal Irregularities

More than 50% of the time, hormones are the culprit behind premature hair loss. Hormonal changes can be triggered by a variety of conditions. Women are at a great risk of hormone-caused hair loss than men. Hair loss caused by hormonal changes is sometimes temporary, and often permanent. Key hormone related causes of hair loss are thyroid problems, pregnancy, menopause and childbirth. Using a biotin shampoo for hair growth can help in these situations. 

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions too are directly linked with hair loss. Alopecia areata is a condition that causes patchy hair fall. Scalp infections too can cause hair to fall out abnormally before time. 


It’s not always a disease that is behind hair loss. Some medicines too can precipitate hair fall. Some drugs used in the treatment of heart problems, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis, gout and cancer have side effects that include mild to severe hair loss. In those cases, hair fall normally stops once the course ends, but often the changes undergone are permanent. 


Stress is another major source of hair problem. Stress alone can wreck the hormones, mess up the body’s primary systems and cause miscellaneous hair problems. Hair thinning is often seen in people who have recently undergone a stressful event in their lives. Though temporary and reversible through use of the best biotin shampoo and conditioner, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep stress at bay. 

Hair Products and Treatments 

Your hair loss could be a sign that you are putting the wrong products in your hair. This can be your daily shampoo and conditioner or your styling hair spray. When you see excessive hair fall that you can’t track down the source of, it could be the hair styling tools and chemicals. Switch gears for a while. Change to natural products, and avoid styling your hair for a few months. Meanwhile use a biotin hair spray to reverse hair loss and thinning to get the volume back.