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How do Bremelanotide treatments work in men and women?

Wayne Whitehurst February 2, 2021

PT 141 also commonly referred to as Bremelanotide, is known to be a peptide that is melanocortin based. One of the chief areas where it has worked productively is in curing sexual dysfunction issues in men such as impotence or erectile dysfunction. It also works towards curing sexual arousal disorder issues in women. Rather than opting for Cialis or Viagra, one can start taking this peptide and notice similar results. 

Bremelanotide has helped so many men and women feel positive. It helps to boost positive energy and naturally tans one too. It has been created through the peptide Melanotan II. It is an agent that has been used to provide sunless tanning too. The other good news is, this peptide has evoked the feeling of sexual arousal. In nine out of ten men, it has helped with spontaneous erections. Melanotan II was created to restore melanogenesis. It is the process that is known for skin pigmentation. Not only has it worked well to increase one’s libido, but it has also shown great results in decreasing one’s appetite too. Not to forget, it has worked effectively towards skin tanning as stated before. If you wish to buy PT-141 (Bremelanotide) you can now get it from online stores. But make sure that the online website you purchase is known, secure, and trusted. It was also tested on premenopausal women, in the clinical trial of phase 2B. Here it was revealed to help women with sexual arousal disorder. 

Let us know about the benefits you gain from PT-141:

By now you must have understood how effective this peptide is for human beings with certain defects and disorders. To know more about the benefits of this peptide, please do read below:

  • It miraculously has helped in boosting one’s the sexual frequency
  • Helps to increase sex drive 
  • For those men or women who suffer from low libido or hypoactive sexual desire disorder, this peptide works as a boosting agent
  • Flushes in overall energy 
  • Tanning of the skin

How does the Bremelanotide peptide work? 

It does not work in the way like how Viagra or other kinds of a like medicines work. It does not work through the vascular system, in short. It works towards openly and spontaneously boosting one’s sexual drive that is linked to the nervous system. It targets towards activating the dopamine hormones. It is the very same hormone that is responsible for sexual motivation. Dopamine is known to be a compound that naturally occurs in our system. This is a neurotransmitter, which helps towards stimulating one’s level of performance. Usually, when a person’s dopamine levels tend to be small or low, the overall libido level drops drastically. 

Hence even though PT 141 has been used for both men and women and in treating their sexual dysfunction issues, it has also worked remarkably in naturally revitalizing energy. This means you no more have to depend on pills or harmful energy drinks, which in turn comes with hazardous side effects. If you wish to promote tanning of the skin, this is one of the safest means to opt for. You do not need to depend anymore on sunlight or harmful UV radiation. For those people who take part in bodybuilding competitions, this has worked as an effective means to achieve the tanning effect. Plus, alongside, they feel a boost of energy flushing through their workout sessions.