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How does Sea Moss help with Better Mental Health?

Wayne Whitehurst July 23, 2020


It is no secret that sea moss comes with tons of health benefits, and one of the main benefits it offers includes better mental health. As it has many potassium and iodine compounds along with tons of vitamins and minerals that body needs, it helps with improving mental health. It ensures a better mood and helps with improved focus and other cognitive abilities. If you’re new to sea moss supplements or looking for a balanced supplement for better mental and physical health, Regeneration by Viva Nutra is the perfect sea moss supplement to go with. Let’s discuss how sea moss helps with better mental health –

Improved Emotional Health

Potassium and magnesium are two minerals that the body needs to ensure proper brain function and are also popularly termed mood boosters. If the body doesn’t get enough of these compounds, it can lead to mood swings and may make you feel cranky. Sea moss contains these two minerals in sufficient amounts to help regulate your brain function and even protects the brain tissue from degeneration. 


Our body cannot store potassium for a long time, and thus, taking potassium externally through various foods and supplements helps our body. It is particularly helpful in regulating your mood swings and keeping negative thoughts at bay. Sea moss is known to noticeably improve the mental health issues of people suffering from anxiety and depression. It controls your mood swings and ensures you remain focused without getting astray by negative or random thoughts. 

Metal Detoxifying Agent

While our body does need trace minerals and elements, its build-up can lead to a ton of issues, including mental health diseases like Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Diseases, and more. Sea moss helps in halting the accumulation of protein in the brain, which is known to cause Parkinson’s disease. It also acts as a phytonutrient by eliminating heavy metals that may have stuck to the body tissues.

Sea moss is one of the most potent supplements that you can choose to add to your daily consumption. It would not only improve your physical health in ways more than one but also improve your mental health considerably.