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Massage Therapy: How It can Improve your Overall Quality of Life

Wayne Whitehurst July 21, 2020

Massage therapy is a hands-on technique to increase circulation, ease tension, minimize stress, and improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the body. Whether you have been injured or have serious muscle or tissue damage, this form of therapy might be worth exploring. With the availability and popularity of massage therapy, there is no point in staying in the dark about its benefits and how it can improve your overall quality of life:

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Reduce Stress

The human body produces unhealthy levels of the stress hormone called cortisol when it is tense and under stress. This can contribute to sleeplessness, weight gain, headaches, and digestive issues. Massage therapy offered by experts at Integral Performance osteopathy can reduce cortisol levels that let the body enter a recovery mode Also, the therapy triggers lasting feelings of relaxation and improved mood.

Promote Muscle Relaxation and Flexibility

Massage therapy targets the source of body pains and eliminates muscle tension. This increases muscle flexibility and offers relaxation to the affected muscles. Also, massage promotes circulation to the affected or injured muscles, increasing nutrient and oxygen distribution to the damaged tissue. Massage therapy releases pain-killing hormones known as endorphins that boost the dopamine and serotonin (happiness chemicals) levels in the body.

Improve Circulation

Massage therapy applies hands-on pressure that improves circulation throughout the body. This means that blood supply into tissues will be unhampered. The therapy’s twisting, squeezing, and pulling action also eliminates lactic acid from the muscle tissues, increasing the circulation of lymph fluid. This fluid carries metabolic waste products away from muscles and internal organs, lowering blood pressure levels and improving overall body function. 

Improve Mental Health 

Massage therapy may have a positive effect on mental healthy by minimizing the activity of the sympathetic nervous pathways while increasing the firing of parasympathetic nervous activity. Such an effect itself has a significant influence over blood pressure, hormones, and heart rate, therefore, helping relieve chronic stress, depression, and anxiety.

Improve Posture

Poor posture can cause back, neck, and muscle pain. Chronic back pain can lead to missed workdays and disability. Also, being overweight and repeating movements can contribute to back strain that can cause spasms, pain, and tense muscles in the neck, legs, and hips. 

Massage therapy can improve one’s posture by allowing the body to relax and loosen tensed muscles that result from bad posture. As it promotes greater joint freedom, flexibility, and range of motion, the body can position itself in a healthy posture.