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How to Look Younger with Upper Eyelid Lifting

Gladys V. Smith May 30, 2022

We often get droopy eyelids as we get old and it could impact both the vision and appearance. The eye muscle that lifts our eyelids, stretches with time and could make our eyelids sag.

Aging is often the main reason for a droopy eyelid. Three conditions that cause droopy eyelids are normally: Ptosis, Brow Ptosis, and Dermatochalasis.  Ptosis is due to muscle weakening that makes your upper eyelid droop over your eye, while Dermatochalasis is due to too much fat, muscle, or skin, on the eyelid region.  Eyebrows moving downwards as time passes by, is known as Brow Ptosis, causing an old and tired appearance.

Agnes RF is a nonsurgical radiofrequency equipment for upper eyelid lifting. It lessens the upper eyelids’ drooping and enhances the eyes’ overall appearance.

How is the Treatment Done?​

This treatment is a micro-insulated needle system that uses Radio Frequency developed in Korea used to penetrate the skin several times at carefully regulated depths of up to 3 millimeters.  The needle gives radio frequency and heat underneath the surface of the skin. Collagen generation is facilitated, resulting in the firming of the skin.

AGNES™ RF facial rejuvenation is extremely effective for various subdermal and surface conditions, such as under-eye bags and wrinkles. Its main benefit is to boost skin tone and texture, but it could also be utilized for slight shrinkage of small fat pockets, particularly underneath your jawline.

What is AGNES RF?

AGNES Radiofrequency is an advanced microneedling/ radiofrequency upper eyelid lifting treatment. Targeted RF energy is a cutting-edge technology changing how cosmetic doctors address various facial problems, such as pockets of fat, loose skin, large pores, fine lines, acne, etc. During this minimally invasive treatment, small needles used to pierce the skin also deliver RF energy underneath the surface of the skin.

That disrupts aging skin and fat cells with exactly targeted heat and micro-punctures pulses. Then, the body starts increasing the generation of the revitalizing proteins — elastin and collagen. That results in more flexible, firmer skin, reduced fat cells, fewer blemishes, and smaller pores.

AGNES RF Advantages

  • Skin tightening
  • Under-eye bags are reduced
  • Reduces pore size
  • Fine lines are reduced in appearance
  • It’s suitable for all skin tones
  • After one session, the results are visible
  • Recovery time is minimal

Details of the AGNES RF therapy

A numbing lotion is administered to the target area for most facial locations before the operation begins. Other anesthetic solutions are available for individuals who are nervous, or for treatments that require deeper punctures or a higher radiofrequency energy setting. For deeper treatments and under the eyes, local anesthetic injections are frequently employed. The actual therapy involves inserting a needle into the skin through which radiofrequency energy pulses are delivered. The depth at which the RF radiation is administered can be changed during therapy, allowing for precise targeting of certain skin layers.

Recovery & Results

Swelling and bruising may occur after deeper AGNES RF treatments, which can persist up to one week. By the fourth day, you should be able to disguise the redness with cosmetics. Hypersensitivity might linger for several weeks.

The primary advantage of AGNES RF is that it stimulates collagen and elastin formation, which happens gradually.

It can take up to six months for newly created collagen to revive under-eye bags and improve wrinkles, as well as for the body to absorb damaged fat cells. Treatment for dark eye circles will show results considerably sooner, usually within two weeks.

The AGNES RF treatment requires a series of treatments, which can range from 3 to 6 sessions or more, spaced out every 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the areas being treated).