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Israel Figa Says Poor Countries Might Not See Help Anytime Soon

Wayne Whitehurst April 26, 2021


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the one thing that has been a part of the news is that small and poor countries need help from the big countries. This help can come in many forms and formats. Some small countries want the big ones to let go of their debts so they can tackle the situation in a better way with more money and building of the infrastructure. On the other hand, you have some small nations that want the big nations to help them get access to the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. 

Israel Figa thinks that the situation is exceptional this time. The entire world has been engulfed by the virus and no one is in any position to help someone else. This might be true for the big countries as well. Even if you are a small country of a very few people expecting something from the US with millions of people, you might not get anything in return due to the nature of the situation right now. Let’s learn more from the arguments of Israel Figa why small countries might not see any help from the big countries. 

Big Countries Are Struggling

The number one factor that will stop the big nations, such as the US, the UK, Australia, and other countries from helping smaller countries is that they are struggling with the current pandemic too. These big countries have been hit hard by the pandemic and their people are suffering big time in hospitals. Even the US has not been able to meet the demands of the hospitals in terms of medicine, lifesaving supplies, ventilators, etc. in many of its hospitals. If you look at the death count of the people due to the Coronavirus, you will realize that European countries as well as the US have lost the most people. 

At the same time, these countries are also waiting for the vaccine to be distributed among their people. Before they vaccinate their people, they will not be able to help anyone. You can safely say that the situation is pretty chaotic even in the developed countries of the world. The small countries can only expect something from these countries when they have recovered at least half from their situation. Before that, nothing can be done for the small countries and the big countries are only ignoring the calls. 

Big Countries Have Failed 

You have to realize the fact that even the big countries have completely failed in the face of the current challenge. It was one thing if these countries only struggled in grappling the situation. However, these countries have completely failed at many fronts. For example, the US has completely failed at making its people realize that wearing a mask is extremely important. There are still many people in the US who completely refuse to wear a mask. Every single day, you have it in the news that a person who does not want to wear a mask it fighting some store owner or calling names to the government for forcing people to wear masks. 

In addition to that, even the political parties in these countries don’t seem to be on the same page. For example, you have different states in the US taking different types of measures to tackle the situation. Some states are implementing complete lockdowns while other are letting their people wander on the beach because they don’t think lockdowns are a way to stop the spread of the virus. 

Final Thoughts 

You can’t expect a person to help you get out of the river if they are drowning themselves. Similarly, Israel Figa believes that small countries cannot expect too much from the developed countries at least for a year. They have to do something on their own and if they want help from the big nations, they will have to wait for at least a year until the situation in these big countries becomes less chaotic.