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Great Details You Need to Learn for Choosing CBD Packaging

Wayne Whitehurst April 26, 2021

CBD Product manufacturers have seconds to attract customers. Indeed, among all the variety of boxes, logos and slogans it is very difficult to stand out advantageously. In fact, at first any product is sold by its packaging. Of course, in the end everything is decided by quality, but it is the packaging that becomes the business card or presentation, after which the buyer makes a decision.

What Tasks Should Packaging Solve?

Effective selling packaging solves several problems at once:

  • Makes customers understand what kind of product is underneath;
  • Explains why this product is better than its counterparts;
  • Highlights the product among hundreds of boxes on the counter;
  • Falls into the tastes and preferences of the target audience.

In addition, the Custom printed CBD boxes packaging should be budgetary, because it cannot cost more than the product. By the way, for this very reason, we recommend using universal cardboard. You need to understand that packaging should first of all be functional, and only then we can talk about beauty. It makes no sense to place priceless author’s illustrations on the box if the buyer still cannot understand why he needs this product.

Creation of Effective Selling Packaging

We share a few basic recommendations for creating packaging with which your product will be bought:

Hierarchy of Information

The most prominent blocks should be those that explain what’s in the custom cbd boxes. All elements should be clearly structured, without a chaotic mess. Moreover, the structure should be familiar and understandable. Specifically in this aspect, excessive creativity is likely to play a negative role for the brand. Moreover, the main information is indicated in the view, and the secondary information is indicated on the back or side.

Answers on Questions

If the buyer chooses milk, he must know exactly what kind of milk it is what fat content, with what shelf life and where it is produced. It is important that pickled, salted, chopped, whole and any other cucumbers, even in the same jars, are different from each other.


The information on the Custom Boxes with logo packaging should be comprehensive but concise. There is no need to use general phrases about a unique product and impeccable quality. Provide specific facts and figures.


After purchasing a product, the client should not have new reasons for jokes about expectations and reality. If you use photos and illustrations, they should correspond as much as possible to what is inside. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the next time the buyer will choose a different brand.


Use simple fonts and equally simple color combinations. Ideally, the buyer should already understand what a couple of meters from the counter are in front of him. The lettering should be readable from different angles, so avoid italic fonts or complex outlines. In rare cases, complex fonts can be used in logos, but mostly it concerns products that are already known and understood by their audience.