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RT PCR Test, Quarantine norms & more: 4 key points to know before arriving in Mumbai

Wayne Whitehurst January 18, 2022

India has become a hotspot for the COVID-19 virus and the third wave has already started to take effect in the country. In this situation, the government has set up some rules and guidelines that need to be followed by all citizens arriving in India by air. People who want to travel to Mumbai should be aware of all these guidelines so that they have a smooth journey. All details from travel rules to RT-PCR test prices in Mumbai are provided in this article. Make sure you read every direction carefully and keep them in mind when traveling to Mumbai.

Things to remember when arriving in Mumbai

Mumbai has become a hub for the coronavirus and the surge in cases has been particularly worrisome in recent times. The entire Maharashtra state has experienced a high jump in COVID cases which has also led to the rise for more testing on arrival. You can check the RT-PCR test price in Mumbai and book a test for yourself if you are arriving at the Mumbai airport.

Additionally, if you will be traveling or returning to Mumbai soon should keep in mind these guidelines that you will be required to follow once you are in the city:

●     Compulsory COVID test for International travelers

In January, the government of India has recognized several countries to be high risk and has made it compulsory for travelers from those countries to get tested on arrival. Some of these countries include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, the UK, New Zealand, and most European nations. People traveling from these countries should pre-book a COVID test in Mumbai airport and get their samples collected after arrival. All details regarding RT-PCR test prices in Mumbai can be viewed on the official website of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal Airport (BOM).

●     Home quarantine for negative travelers

People who will test negative on arrival at the Mumbai airport will be allowed to continue their onward journey. However, all travelers who test negative will have to undergo compulsory home quarantine upon their return. For travelers arriving from high-risk countries, and RT-PCR test needs to be taken after 7 days. Others can quarantine themselves for 14 days and monitor symptoms if present. The RT-PCR test price in Mumbai is ₹500.

●     Double Vaccination or Negative report for domestic travel

People who will arrive at the Mumbai airport by domestic travel will also need to carry some documentation. Travelers should either have their double vaccination certificates with them or carry a negative RT-PCR test not less than 72 hours old. Travelers can voluntarily take RT-PCR tests at Mumbai airport if they wish to. The details of sample collection and RT-PCR test prices in Mumbai can be easily found online.

●     Double vaccination or Negative report for Hotel stay

Most hotels and lodges in and around Mumbai will require either double vaccination certificates or a negative RT-PCR test for allowing travelers to stay. You can book yourself a room online and produce an RT-PCR negative report to the management upon arrival. Make sure the report is not older than 72 hours. People who are double vaccinated need not take an RT-PCR test.

People who want to travel to Mumbai should be extra careful about all COVID precautions and follow them diligently. The rising cases of COVID 19 have already crippled the country which is why the government and authorities are taking extra precautions to curb the spread of the virus. Make sure you avoid traveling to Mumbai if you have symptoms of COVID-19 and quarantine yourself immediately upon arrival. The quarantine will make sure you don’t infect other people in case you have contracted the virus during travel.